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Lidong health care cream recipe who is suitable and who is not

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paste recipe has a long history in China. It is said that it appeared as early as the Han and Tang Dynasties. Winter is the best time for taking cream prescription. Taking cream prescription orally at this time can nourish and strengthen the body and help people greet spring in high spirits. However, according to traditional Chinese medicine, although the cream formula is good, not everyone can eat it. Then let Lao Huangli introduce to you who is suitable for Lidong health care and who is not.


Lidong health care cream recipe

1. People with weak physique, loss of yin and Yang Qi and blood in varying degrees and in need of tonic. 2. The middle-aged and elderly people who are physically weak and lack energy and are not competent for tense and busy work. 3. People whose chronic diseases have been stable or weak for a long time, or who consolidate the curative effect in order to enhance their physique. 4. People who are weak after operation, bleeding, serious illness and postpartum. 5. Patients with various diseases who need to be treated with ointment.

Lidong health cream is not suitable for

1. Patients in acute disease stage. Acute disease is changeable, and medication should change with the change of the disease. The ointment prescription is relatively fixed, and does not have the function of treating all diseases in response to constant changes. Therefore, it is not suitable for this kind of people to use the ointment prescription. 2. Patients with chronic disease in unstable stage. Although it is a chronic disease, the condition is not yet in a relatively stable period, and there are many changes. If the prescription needs to be adjusted in time, it is not suitable to use ointment. 3. Unknown diagnosis. The diagnosis of the disease is not clear, and the direction of treatment is difficult to determine. The principles and methods of traditional Chinese medicine may change, and ointment should not be used.

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