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What fruit is the most beautiful to eat in cold dew season

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cold dew season is late autumn, the climate is getting colder and colder, and people's skin is becoming more and more dry and cracked with the transformation of the weather. Girls who love beauty want beautiful every day, but such weather is bad luck for female friends. At this time, you can eat some moist and dry fruits. What fruits to eat in the dry and cold cold dew season? Let's have a look with Lao Huang.


pomegranate pomegranate pomegranate is a very rich fruit. Pomegranate contains a lot of vitamins C and B. people who eat pomegranate know that pomegranate has a lot of water, which can moisturize the skin quickly, and pomegranate can protect your eyes.


pears have sweet and delicious meat, fat, tender and juicy. They have the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, moistening lung and generating fluid, relieving cough and resolving phlegm. Eating raw, juicing, stewing or boiling cream has a good therapeutic effect on lung heat cough, measles, elderly cough, bronchitis and other diseases. If you take it with water chestnut, honey, sugarcane juice, the effect is better.


cherries contain a lot of iron. Eating cherries often can make your skin white and shiny. Although cherries are expensive, cherries have other effects. People with anemia can replenish blood by eating cherries.

peach is a fruit with high nutritional value, which contains protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B, vitamin C and other components. The iron content of peach is high, almost ranking the first among fruits. In addition, peach is also rich in pectin. Regular consumption can prevent constipation.


tomatoes actually have the effect of whitening. Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients. If you eat two tomatoes a day and stick to it for a period of time, the whitening effect will appear.


citrus are cool, sweet and sour. They have the effects of generating saliva and relieving cough, moistening lung and resolving phlegm, sobering up and diuresis. They are suitable for physical weakness, lack of body fluid after fever, thirst, alcohol and thirst. Juicing or honey decoction is especially good for treating lung heat cough.


grape grapes are nourishment for the old moisturizing. Many people love grape as much as they do. Grapes contain a lot of anthocyanins, which can have antioxidant effects on our body.


litchi have no need to say about the nutrition of litchi. From "eating 300 litchi a day and never quitting to grow into Lingnan people", we can see that litchi has a smell of white inside and red. Eating litchi can make people more whitening, and the skin becomes more and more shiny. But you can't eat more litchi. It's easy to get angry if you eat more.

banana banana is a famous tropical and subtropical fruit. Europeans call it "happy fruit" because it can relieve sadness, because the pantothenic acid and other components contained in banana are the "happy hormone" of the human body, which can reduce stress and relieve sadness. Bananas also contain phosphorus called "salt of wisdom", rich in protein, sugar, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C, and a variety of cellulose.

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