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Precautions for taking and storing cream after beginning of winter

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there has always been a tradition of tonic in winter among Chinese people, and taking ointment is a way of tonic that people have often used since ancient times. So far, taking ointment is still popular in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong. Then today's old yellow calendar will introduce you the precautions for taking and storing cream after the beginning of winter.


the method and dosage of health preserving cream after the beginning of winter. Take one tablespoon on an empty stomach every morning, or one tablespoon on an empty stomach in the morning and evening. Rinse them with boiled water and take them evenly. If the dosage of Rehmannia glutinosa and other greasy drugs or ingredient glue is large, the paste is thick and sticky and difficult to melt. You can take it after steaming in water. The paste can also be melted, that is, the paste juice is contained in the mouth, and the paste juice is melted in the mouth to give play to the effect. The dosage of


ointment should be determined according to the condition or the patient's physical condition and the nature of the drug, especially with the patient's digestive function. Generally speaking, the ointment should be taken from a small dose and gradually increased. For example, take one tablespoon a day, about 5-10 grams. If the patient's digestive function is normal or the condition requires, take one tablespoon in the morning and evening to strengthen the therapeutic effect. Storage method of


health preserving cream after the beginning of winter. In order to ensure the quality of the cream and give full play to its medicinal power during taking, so as to achieve the purpose of adjustment and supplement, the storage method is very important. First, after the paste is made, allow it to cool sufficiently before capping. It can be stored in a porcelain pot (pot, bowl) or an enamel pot, but it is not suitable to use an aluminum or iron pot as a container.


because the ointment takes a long time, although it is mostly in winter, we should be careful to be mildewed in warm winter. Generally, put it in a cool place. It's better to put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration. If it is placed in a cool place and the temperature rises day after day in warm winter, it should be steamed and closed at high temperature, but it is forbidden to directly put the paste pot on the fire, which will cause pot crack and bottom coke.

after the plaster is steamed and closed, the cover must be opened until it is completely cooled. Do not let the water from the pot cover fall on the paste surface, otherwise mildew will appear in a few days. When taking cream every day, you should put a fixed spoon to avoid bringing water into the pot and causing mildew and deterioration.

once the weather is humid or warm, some mildew spots appear on the paste. At this time, it is advisable to scrape off the layer with mildew spots on the surface with a clean fruit knife, and then steam it at high temperature. Of course, if there are many mildews and there are mildews deep in the paste surface, such paste can not be taken.

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