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What food does cold dew solar term eat to invigorate the kidney most

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and "cold dew" are the 17th of the 24 solar terms. The cold dew season has entered late autumn; Dry weather and cold climate make human immunity decline. This is the best time to tonify the kidney. So what do you eat to tonify the kidney in cold dew season? Let's have a look with Lao Huang.


quails as the saying goes, "if you want to eat birds, count quails.". Quail meat is fragrant but not greasy. It has always been listed as the top grade of wild birds. Quail meat is not only delicious, but also nutritious. It also contains a variety of inorganic salts, lecithin, hormones and a variety of essential amino acids. Quail's meat and eggs are very good supplements, which have the effect of tonifying and strengthening. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that quail meat can "replenish the five internal organs, benefit essence and blood, warm the kidney and help Yang". Men often eat quail can enhance sexual function, strengthen strength and strengthen muscles and bones.

yam yam contains a variety of nutrients, which can strengthen the body, nourish the kidney and benefit the essence. Suitable for diabetics, abdominal distension, weak patients, chronic nephritis, and chronic diarrhea.

chestnut autumn is the harvest season of chestnuts. Chestnut is warm in nature and sweet in taste. In addition to tonifying the spleen and stomach, it also has the function of Tonifying the kidney and strengthening the waist. It is most suitable for those with kidney deficiency and low back pain.

pig kidney pig kidney is the kidney of pig, also known as pig kidney. It is sweet and tastes flat. It has the effects of tonifying kidney and treating deficiency, generating fluid and relieving thirst. It can be used to treat kidney deficiency, low back pain, edema, deafness and other diseases.


Lycium barbarum are flat in nature and sweet in taste. They have the functions of Tonifying the kidney and liver, benefiting essence and eyesight, strengthening muscles and bones, eliminating low back pain, and prolonging life after long service. Especially for middle-aged women with kidney deficiency, it is most suitable to eat.

leek seed leek seed is used for the pain of waist and knee caused by liver and kidney deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. Leek has the functions of Tonifying the liver and kidney, warming the waist and knees and strengthening the kidney yang.

black sesame the nutrients of black sesame include extremely precious sesamin, melanin and other substances. It can be made into all kinds of delicious food with rich nutritional value. It is regarded as a tonic.


Polygonum multiflorum has the function of tonifying liver and kidney and benefiting essence and blood. It has been used by doctors in past dynasties for people with kidney deficiency. For those with kidney deficiency, the hair is early white, or the waist and knees are weak, muscles and bones are sore, or men's spermatorrhea, and women's spermatorrhea, it is suitable to eat.

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