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Cold dew is good for health. It's good to stick to knocking on the lung meridian

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cold dew is the fifth solar term in autumn. Traditional Chinese medicine refers to the main dryness and lung in autumn. In the cold dew season, the autumn meaning is stronger, and it is necessary to maintain health. Traditional Chinese medicine doctors suggest that people insist on beating and massaging the lung meridian every day after the cold dew arrives, so today's old yellow calendar will introduce you.


lung meridian refers to the Taiyin lung meridian of the hand, one of the twelve meridians of the human body and one of the three yin meridians of the hand, which is opposite to the large intestine meridian of the hand Yangming. The upper part is connected with the Jueyin liver meridian in the lung and the lower part is connected with the large intestine meridian of the hand Yangming in the index finger. The meridians are distributed in the front of the chest, the medial front of the upper limb and the radial side of the thumb. Its collaterals and meridians are respectively connected with the inside and outside, and the meridians are distributed outside. The first point of this meridian is Zhongfu, the last point is Shaoshang, and there are 11 points on the left and right.

autumn is mainly dry and lung, so beating and massaging lung meridian every day is the first choice. The lung meridian runs from 3:00 to 5:00 every morning. At this time, the lung meridian has strong Qi and blood, and the beating effect is the best. If you don't want to disturb your sleep, you can take beating the lung meridian as the first lesson of early morning exercise. When


knock on the lung meridian, you can use half empty fist from the big arm to the top of the wrist. Because the palm area is small, it is recommended to press the thumb of the other hand from the wrist to the inside of the thumb to make the acupoints bear enough force. There are 11 points on the lung meridian of


, including Zhongfu point, Tianfu point, Xiabai point, chize point, Kongzi point, Liewei point, Jingqu point, Taiyuan point, Yuji point, Shaoshang point and Yunmen point. The lung meridian of the left and right arms should be knocked. After knocking, you should also press and knead Zhongfu point, chize point, Kongzi point, Taiyuan point and Shaoshang point.

Zhongfu point: it is the intersection point of lung meridian and spleen meridian, and the big point in Buzhong. More massage is helpful to prevent coughing, asthma and bronchitis that are easy to relapse in autumn and winter; Chize point: the kidney tonifying point on the lung meridian, which is mostly pressed and kneaded, has the function of "clearing lung qi, purging fire and reducing inversion". In dry autumn, most of them will get angry. More pressing and kneading Chi Ze points can not only clear the fire, but also tonify the kidney. Kong Zui acupoint: pressing and kneading Kong Zui acupoint has the function of "eliminating and reducing lung qi and clearing lung heat"; Where there are holes in the human body, the holes can be managed to alleviate the sore throat, hemorrhoids and cough that are easy to recur in autumn and winter. Press the hole most points. Taiyuan acupoint: the original acupoint of the lung meridian, which is also the place where the internal organs, pulse and Qi converge, and an important acupoint of the human body. Pressing and rubbing Taiyuan point can not only replenish lung deficiency, but also nourish lung yin. Shaoshang point: kneading Shaoshang point has the function of "clearing lung and throat, opening orifices and waking up mind", and plays a great role in preventing sore throat and stroke that are easy to recur in autumn and winter.

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