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Your mother told you to cover the spring and autumn freeze. Don't listen to what happens after the 2017 autumnal equinox

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there has always been a saying among Chinese people that "spring covers autumn freeze", which is believed to have the health care effect of strengthening physique and enhancing human resistance. The practice of "covering spring with autumn" can help the human body better adapt to the changes of seasons, although it will not prevent the body from being invaded by all diseases. Now the golden autumn October is coming, which is a good time for "autumn freeze". Think about the painstaking instructions of my mother, and quickly follow the old yellow calendar to see how to "autumn freeze" after the autumn equinox in 2017.


what is autumn freezing and how to do it? When autumn comes, the temperature difference between morning and evening gradually increases, but the temperature regulation system still stays in the summer mode. If you wear autumn clothes and cotton clothes too early to keep warm, your body will not have a chance to adapt to the cold. For a long time, it is easy to get sick in the real winter. Therefore, it should be frozen in autumn. When autumn is frozen, as long as you keep your body cool and don't sweat, you won't shiver and cry when it's cold, that's the healthiest way. When should


be frozen in autumn? So when should "autumn freeze" be frozen? Don't wear skirts when the temperature is below 16 ℃ outdoors. After the temperature drops to 10 ℃ in the morning and evening, you can't stick to the "autumn freeze". At this time, it's serious to wear thick and warm clothes.


who are not suitable for autumn freezing? If there are cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or people with weak physical regulation function, do not easily try "autumn freezing", especially the middle-aged and elderly people with a history of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cold prevention in autumn and winter is particularly important. If such people try "autumn freezing", it will be a very dangerous move. In addition to not blindly "freezing in autumn", people with weak physique should also pay attention to the cold prevention and warmth preservation of the three key parts of head, hands and feet.


the above two groups need to dress properly in autumn, and pay attention to the temperature change at all times, so as to facilitate the increase and decrease of clothes at any time.

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