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When will the frost fall this year

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The frost drop of

and "withered grass and white frost" is the last solar term in autumn. Winter is coming soon. At this time, the weather is getting colder and begins to fall. Many trees are withered and yellow, and the bleak scene of late autumn can be seen everywhere, and people also usher in the most suitable time of food and tonic health preservation in the year. So today's old yellow calendar will tell you when the frost will fall this year.


Q: when will the frost fall this year? A: the frost fall time in 2017 is October 23.

frost falls when the sun reaches 210 degrees of the Yellow meridian before and after October 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year. Frost means that the weather is colder and dew condenses into frost. "The seventy-two waiting times of the month" says: "in September, the Qi is solemn and condensed, and the dew knot becomes frost.". At this time, white frost has appeared in the Yellow River Basin of China. On the thousands of miles of fertile fields, a silver ice crystal is shining. At this time, the leaves are yellow and falling leaves.


in the ancient book "interpretation of the twenty four solar terms", it is said that "when the air is cold and frost falls, the Yin begins to condense." it can be seen that "frost" means that the weather gradually becomes cold and begins to fall. In meteorology, the first frost in autumn is generally called "early frost" or "first frost", while the last frost in spring is called "late frost" or "final frost".

the interval from the last frost to the first frost is the so-called "frost free period". Some people call the early frost "chrysanthemum frost", because at this time, chrysanthemums are in full bloom. Su Shi, a great literary scholar of the Northern Song Dynasty, wrote a poem: "thousands of trees sweep yellow, and only Hibiscus is fragrant alone".


frost is formed by water vapor. How does water vapor form frost? Lu benzhong, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, wrote in nangezi Lvsi: "the Posthouse invades the slanting moon, and the stream bridge spends the night frost." Lu you wrote in frost moon that "the withered grass is frosty and white, and the cold window moon has a new shadow." it shows that the cold frost appears on a clear moon night in autumn.


there are no clouds on the autumn night. The ground is like a quilt, which dissipates a lot of heat. The temperature suddenly drops below 0 ℃. The little water vapor on the ground will condense on the stream, bridges, leaves and soil to form fine ice needles, and some will become hexagonal frost flowers. Frost can only be formed on sunny days. People say that "thick frost fierce sun" is this truth. After


and "frost", it is generally a good time to take tonic. As the saying goes, "it is better to make up for frost than to make up for winter". It is mainly to keep warm, moisten dryness, strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach. We should eat more pears, apples, ginkgo, onions and potherb mustard. Eat less cold and hard food, avoid strong stimulation, overeating, and pay attention to the warmth of the stomach.

"eat flowers in spring and fruits in autumn". Sweet potato, potato, yam, lotus root and water chestnut are all suitable foods for this season. In addition, you can also eat more lily, honey, jujube, sesame, walnut and other foods, which also has a good health effect.

"frost leaves are redder than February flowers". After the frost, maple, Cotinus and other trees began to turn red and yellow all over the mountains and fields under the comfort of autumn frost, which was very spectacular. When you go hiking and enjoy the beautiful scenery, you must pay attention to keep warm, especially protect your knees, and never exercise too much.

the weather is getting colder in late autumn. When the knee joint encounters cold stimulation, the blood vessels contract and the blood circulation becomes worse, which often aggravates the pain. Therefore, when it is cold, you should pay attention to keeping warm and wear knee protection if necessary. When the elderly exercise, they should not bend their knees for a long time, and try to reduce the weight of the knee joint.

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