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For cold dew regimen, rub these three acupoints

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The cold dew season of

is in late autumn, and the cold winter is getting closer and closer. The ancient book "Qianjin Yaofang" points out that from now on, we should pay attention to "don't let the cold have no business, and often want to make the Qi Down". This is because traditional Chinese medicine believes that the foot is closely related to all the viscera and meridians of the whole body. After the cold dew, it is very important to keep the lower limbs warm, especially the foot, In addition, you can often massage several acupoints on your feet, so let the old yellow calendar introduce you.


Taixi point, located in the backward depression of the medial malleolus, is the original point of the kidney meridian, which can not only nourish yin and reduce fire, but also cultivate Yang and tonify the kidney. Moreover, it can adjust both yin and Yang, which can be described as an important point for tonifying the kidney. Whether it is fear of cold, cold limbs, dizziness, timidity and easy to be frightened caused by kidney yang deficiency, or chronic pharyngitis, upset, insomnia and toothache caused by kidney yin deficiency, it can be treated by Taixi point.

so if the kidney is deficient, it can be alleviated to a certain extent by massaging this acupoint when you can't tell whether it is kidney yang deficiency or kidney yin deficiency and don't know what medicine to take.


Taichong Point. Taichong Point is located in the gap between the big toe and the second toe on the instep. It is the original point of the liver meridian, which can soothe the liver, relieve depression and reconcile Qi and blood. Such as glaucoma, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can be regulated through this acupoint.


if this acupoint is particularly painful to press, it often indicates that his blood pressure is abnormal, and regular kneading can reduce blood pressure; If it is a young woman, it generally reflects that she has a large liver fire, likes to lose her temper or has irregular menstruation. Often pressing and kneading this acupoint can dispel liver fire and regulate menstruation.

Taibai acupoint Taibai acupoint is located on the inner side of the foot and in the depression behind the swollen joint of the big toe bone. It is the original acupoint of the spleen meridian, which can strengthen the spleen, remove dampness, regulate qi and stomach. For example, indigestion, stomachache, abdominal distention, diarrhea and constipation caused by the decline of spleen and stomach function in the elderly can be improved through this acupoint.

spleen meridian is a meridian with less Qi and more blood. There is more blood than Qi, so it often has the symptoms of qi deficiency. Such as yellowing, fatigue, laziness, lack of spirit, lack of interest in anything, loss of appetite and so on. Regular massage of this acupoint can well improve the symptoms of deficiency of spleen meridian and Qi.

Taixi, Taichong and Taibai are all on the feet. They are important points on the three meridians of liver, spleen and kidney. After the cold dew, don't forget to often massage these acupoints, which is equivalent to doing foot therapy for yourself and maintaining the whole body and internal organs. Of course, before kneading the acupoints, you should consult a professional traditional Chinese medicine doctor about whether it is feasible or ask a professional to operate.

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