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What tea does a woman drink to moisturize her skin in frost season

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frost term is the last term in autumn. Frost season is dry and cold. For women, the top priority is to replenish water and moisturize their skin. There are many ways to replenish water and moisturize the skin, among which the easiest way is to drink some herbal tea, which is also the most popular way for female friends. So what tea do women drink to moisturize their skin in frost season? Let's have a look with Lao Huang.


lemon Tremella tea for those with dry and dark skin, take half a lemon, 10g white fungus and an appropriate amount of rock sugar. Peel the white fungus, add 800 ml of water, boil it over high heat, turn it to low heat to cook it into a paste, cool it, stir it with a fruit juicer, squeeze lemon juice and add rock sugar to taste it according to your personal preference. Lemon can clear away heat, dissipate phlegm and relieve cough; White fungus can nourish yin and moisten lung. This drink contains sugar and is limited to one cup a day to avoid gaining weight.

jasmine tea jasmine itself is white and rich in jasmine essential oil. When you brew a cup of jasmine tea, you will find a particularly strong fragrance. Drinking jasmine tea often can not only make our skin whiter and whiter, but also make our feminine taste stronger.

chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum tea is a good tea for office clerks. Chrysanthemum tea can not only remove anger, but also have a certain whitening effect. When the weather is hot, drinking chrysanthemum tea is a very pleasant enjoyment.

rose tea rose tea is a kind of flower tea that many people like to drink now. Generally, there are many Damascus roses, and there are also rose tea. There are different colors from bright red to purplish red. When tasting tea, the fragrance is very deep. After drinking rose tea for a long time, the skin can not only become white, but also very ruddy and shiny.


lemon tea. When the lemon slices are dried, they become lemon tea. You can drink one cup of this tea every day. You don't need to drink more. Drinking more may cause excessive gastric acid, cause stomachache, burn your throat and corrode your teeth. One cup every day, preferably when you get up in the morning, is easier to play the whitening effect.

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