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What food is good for clearing lung in cold dew season

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lung is not only our respiratory organ, but also our important hematopoietic organ. Whether smoking or the external environment, it will pose a threat to our lung health. How can we keep my lungs healthy? What food do you eat to clear your lungs in the coming cold dew season? Let's have a look with Lao Huang.


soymilk traditional Chinese medicine believes that soymilk is beneficial to water, moistening dryness, clearing lung and resolving phlegm, and is very suitable for drinking in autumn. Soybean milk contains female hormones similar to human body, which can help smooth and white skin and maintain body posture. Soybean milk has high unsaturated fatty acids and more fiber, and lecithin can strengthen the brain, regulate blood lipid, increase calcium and bone density, and improve menopausal symptoms after menopause. In addition to the traditional soybean milk, soybean milk has many patterns, such as these four foods: red jujube, medlar, mung bean and Lily. It is the perfect partner of soybean milk! Drinking in autumn and winter can nourish your face, drive away cold and warm up.

radish pig lung cough soup 1 radish, 1 pig lung, 15g almond. Add water and cook for 1 hour, eat meat and drink soup. Clearing heat and resolving phlegm, relieving cough and asthma, treating long cough, phlegm and shortness of breath.

red dates, peanut yam porridge, 10 red dates, 45g peanuts, 1 yam section, 100g rice. Wash yam, peel and cut into pieces, and wash peanuts and red dates. Add proper amount of water. First boil yam, peanut and red jujube, then put the rice in and stir it with a spoon to prevent sticking to the pot. Just cook for about 10 minutes.

celery pumpkin fried Lily celery has the effects of lowering blood pressure, calming, strengthening stomach and diuresis. Lily is a good product for moistening the lung and removing dryness, relieving cough and resolving phlegm in autumn. Pumpkin invigorating the spleen and nourishing the stomach is not only an ideal food for protecting the liver, preventing gastritis, curing night blindness, but also neutralizing carcinogenic substances, making skin tender and tender, and preventing and relieving diabetes.

Chinese yam chestnut porridge, Chinese yam peeled. Wash the red dates and peel the chestnuts. Cut yam into evenly sized pieces. Put water in the pot, wash the rice and glutinous rice and put them into the pot. Add yam and red dates. Cook until 40 minutes, add chestnuts and medlar and cook for more than 10 minutes. Yam invigorates the spleen and chestnut invigorates the kidney. When they cook porridge, they can have the effects of invigorating the spleen and kidney, harmonizing the stomach and regulating the intestines, which can not only cure low back pain, but also stop diarrhea.

purple potato Lily tremella soup lily has the effects of moistening lung, relieving cough, relieving asthma, clearing heat, nourishing heart and calming nerves. Therefore, Lily has a good therapeutic effect on upset insomnia, sore throat, epistaxis, mental fatigue, loss of appetite, low fever insomnia, upset and thirsty caused by dry and hot autumn.

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