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How to preserve health, protect skin and prevent dryness in frost

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frost is the last solar term in autumn. At this time, autumn is dry and vigorous, which is most likely to hurt the lungs and consume the body fluid. Its obvious manifestation is that the skin, lips and throat are prone to dryness. Health experts point out that people should pay attention to moisturizing the skin and prevent dryness in frost health preservation, so let the old yellow calendar introduce one or two to you.


frost is particularly important for skin care. After frost, the climate changes from heat to cold, the Yang Qi gradually recedes, the Yin Qi gradually grows, and the physiological activities of the human body also change according to the changes of nature. The metabolic level of the skin begins to decrease, the secretion of sweat glands decreases, the moisture content of the cuticle of the skin decreases, and the secretion of sebaceous glands decreases, The water holding capacity of the stratum corneum decreases. In addition, at this time, the climate is dry, windy and rainy. Most people feel dry skin and are prone to allergic reactions. Therefore, skin care is particularly important in frost season.


skin care and dryness prevention focus on nourishing the lung. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lung should be in autumn. The function of the lung "dominates Qi and governs breathing" and "the lung gathers fur", that is, the respiratory system of the human body is in charge of the lung, and whether the function of the lung is normal can be observed according to the quality of the skin. If the function of the lungs is normal, people's skin will be healthy, moist and shiny. Therefore, in autumn, skin care should nourish the lungs.


how to raise the lungs in frost season. One is to drink more water and eat less cold drinks. Traditional Chinese medicine theory holds that "cold in shape and cold in drink will hurt the lung", that is, the body is cold and cold in daily diet is easy to hurt the lung, so eat less cold.

the second is to pay attention to moisturizing. In late autumn, the climate is gradually dry, and the skin should be moisturized. 1. Drink enough water. It is recommended to drink 6-8 cups of water a day, as well as fruit juice, mineral water, tea, etc. 2. Replenish water to the face. Steam can be used to fumigate the face, or apply moisturizing skin care agent on the face to reduce the distribution of surface moisture. 3. Pay attention to diet and recuperation. Drink more soymilk, milk and other drinks, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat, and quit smoking, wine, coffee, strong tea and fried food.

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