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What fruit does Qingfei eat in cold dew season

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lung is one of the important organs of our human body, and bears the important task of breathing and hematopoiesis, so we must pay attention to lung health. In autumn, the cold dew solar term weather is dry and the air quality decreases. At this time, we must clear our lungs in time. We can eat some fruits to clear our lungs. So what fruit do you eat in cold dew season to clear your lungs? Let's have a look with Lao Huang.


pears have the functions of generating fluid and relieving thirst, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, clearing heat and reducing fire, nourishing blood and muscle, moistening lung and removing dryness. They are most suitable for patients with fever and internal heat in autumn and winter. It is especially suitable for cough due to lung heat, wind heat in children, sore throat and dry stool. Pears are cold food. Eating too much will also cause damage to our body and easily lead to cold.

citrus is one of the most popular fruits in autumn. It is not only sour, sweet and delicious, but also has high medicinal value. Citrus fruit, peel, core and root have different pharmacological effects. Before autumn, it's best to pay attention to clearing lung, moistening throat, removing fire and stopping dryness.


dates nourish the stomach and spleen, replenish qi and generate fluid. They have the effects of moistening the heart and lungs, nourishing the spleen and soil, tonifying the five internal organs, treating intestinal addiction, treating deficiency and damage, etc. It is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat children's autumn dysentery, women's dirty dryness, lung deficiency cough, boredom and sleeplessness. It is a widely used tonic medicine.


pomegranates are warm in nature, sweet and sour in taste, and enter the lung, kidney and large intestine; It has the effects of generating saliva and relieving thirst, astringent and astringent, relieving diarrhea and hemostasis; It is mainly used to treat Tianjin deficiency, dry mouth, dry throat, thirst, long diarrhea, long dysentery, bloody stool, metrorrhagia and other diseases.


grapes eating more grapes, drinking grape juice and drinking an appropriate amount of wine are very good for human health. Postpartum women eating grapes or drinking wine after meals can not only help blood circulation, but also increase hemoglobin in the body.


sugarcane juice are mild and sweet in nature. They are good products for relieving fever, generating saliva, moistening dryness and nourishing. They can help the spleen, reduce phlegm and cough, treat choking and stop vomiting. They are known as "Tiansheng Fumai Decoction". Traditional Chinese medicine often uses it as a cooling and fluid generating agent to treat dry mouth, insufficient body fluid, dry stool, high fever, thirst and other diseases.

Apple has the reputation of "wisdom fruit" and "memory fruit". People have long found that eating more apples can improve memory and intelligence. Apples are not only rich in sugar, vitamins and minerals, but also rich in zinc. According to research, zinc is a component of many important enzymes in the human body and a key element to promote growth and development.

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