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Cold dew regimen tips and precautions for outdoor exercise

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cold dew season, the weather turns cold. Common diseases in autumn and winter such as cold, asthma, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are in a prone period, threatening people's health and even life safety. Many people will continue to exercise in winter, hoping to enhance the body's resistance to diseases, but the cold dew health exercise must also pay attention to scientific methods, so let the old yellow calendar sort out the precautions for cold dew outdoor exercise for you.


"if you move in winter, you will have fewer diseases; if you are lazy in winter, you will drink more medicine." the cold dew season is in late autumn, winter is coming, and the weather is getting colder and colder. At this time, if you can insist on exercising in the sun, you can greatly reduce the occurrence of cold, tracheitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis and anemia. However, exercise in cold dew season must pay attention to scientific methods and can not blindly follow the trend.

first, make full preparations before exercise. In winter, the temperature is low, the blood flow is slow, the flexibility of joints and ligaments are reduced, and the preparation activities are insufficient, which is easy to cause sports injury. Therefore, before exercise, we should do some preparatory activities, such as jogging, tapping the muscles of the whole body, rubbing the face, moving the wrist and ankle, etc.

second, exercise should combine dynamic and static. In cold dew season, exercise should not be too intense. You should release and harvest. During physical exercise, we should maintain emotional stability, keep the spirit within, and cultivate vitality, so as not to lead to the leakage of vitality. "In winter and March, this is closed Tibet". The "closed Tibet" here is to conserve the vitality for the growth of all things in the coming spring. If you sweat too much during exercise, you will dissipate vitality, but you can't achieve the purpose of strengthening your physique.

third, clothes should be warm and antifreeze. After the cold dew, the outdoor temperature is low, or even a cold wind. So when you exercise outdoors, you should pay attention to clothes and keep warm. When the amount of exercise increases and there is a small amount of sweat, you can gradually reduce your clothes. After exercise, you should add clothes to prevent the invasion of wind and cold. After winter swimming, dry your whole body quickly until your skin turns red to avoid the invasion of wind and cold.

fourth, prevent slipping. Some people like to go outdoors after rain or snow. They think the air is the best at this time, which is indeed reasonable. However, it is easy to slip and fall when going outdoors after rainy and snowy weather. Therefore, the elderly had better not go out in such weather. They can also exercise indoors, such as walking indoors, practicing baduan brocade, deep breathing, etc.

fifth, bask in the sun. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the governor vessel in the center of the back is the main yang of the body. Regular sunbathing and direct sunlight on the governor vessel meridians on the back can enhance people's Yang Qi and improve disease resistance.

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