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Lidong tonifying kidney, reducing salt and increasing bitterness, eating black as tonic

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at the beginning of winter represents the beginning of winter. It is also the season suitable for "protecting the kidney and protecting the essence" as said in traditional Chinese medicine. Why should we pay attention to tonifying the kidney after the beginning of winter? Is there anything to pay attention to in terms of diet? Let the old yellow calendar introduce you one or two.


why do you need to tonify the kidney after the beginning of winter? After the beginning of winter, it officially enters winter. In winter, plants and trees wither and insects lie dormant in Tibet. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "the kidney is the master of dormancy and the foundation of sealing Tibet", so winter corresponds to the kidney. In the eight trigrams system, winter and kidney also belong to the "kangua". The cold winter has a great test on the kidney. Therefore, health preservation in winter has always attached importance to tonifying the kidney and restoring kidney qi. How to eat


for tonic at the beginning of winter: reduce salt and increase pain, and eat "black" as tonic.


from the beginning of winter, we should remember the principle of "reducing salt and increasing pain". Winter is when the kidney meridian is vigorous, while the kidney governs salt and the heart governs pain. Should eat more bitter food to help the heart Yang. Suitable food choices include celery, lettuce, lettuce, oranges, etc.


eat "black" as tonic and eat more kidney tonic food. Professional TCM doctors pointed out that according to the five element theory of traditional Chinese medicine, "the kidney governs winter", so health preservation in winter should pay attention to tonifying the kidney, and "black enters the kidney", so eat "black" as tonic. For example, black rice can nourish yin and kidney, strengthen spleen and liver, black beans can nourish liver and kidney, strengthen muscles and bones, black sesame can nourish liver and kidney, brighten eyes and black hair, black jujube can calm stomach and strengthen spleen, tonify kidney and fill marrow, black fungus can nourish yin and moisten lung, nourish stomach and tonify kidney, etc.


after the beginning of winter, in addition to black food, you can also eat more foods with kidney tonifying effect, such as yam, black fungus, chestnut, medlar, black sesame, walnut kernel, etc. at the same time, it is accompanied by fruits and vegetables that can moisten and generate body fluid, such as pear, winter jujube, citrus, etc.


two Lidong Bushen recipe mutton soup. Mutton is warm and can be eaten in autumn and winter to replenish qi and deficiency and resist cold. It is especially suitable for people who are thin and afraid of cold. It can warm the kidney yang, often feel weak, and especially for people with heavy fatigue. But if the body is afraid of heat and often has dry stool, eat less.

black bean red jujube soup, grab two handfuls of about 40g black beans, wash and soak in 1000ml cold water. Soak for about 6 hours, pour the water and beans into the high-pressure pot, add 1 piece of ginger and 10 jujubes, wait until the air valve blows out, cook slowly for 20 minutes, turn off the fire, stew for 20 minutes, and cook well. Half a bowl of beans, 5 dates and half a bowl of soup every day. It is best to take it at 17-19 o'clock, which can direct the nutrition to the kidney.

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