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Taoist October Festival teaches you how to keep fit

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Since the founder of

, Lao Tzu, the rich and profound Taoist health preservation has been inherited in China for thousands of years. Up to now, both Taoists and the general public still cherish it and think it is a precious cultural treasure left by the ancients to future generations. The solar term for the beginning of winter in 2017 will come in a while. Today's old yellow calendar will introduce you to the October festival of Taoist health preservation.


the Taoist October festival of sitting in winter. Chen Tuan in the late Tang Dynasty and early Song Dynasty created a set of sitting in line with the season and eliminating diseases, which is an important part of Taoist health preservation. After the beginning of winter, the weather is gradually cold, which is suitable for practicing.


: sufficient Jueyin liver wind wood. Yun: the main Yang Ming five Qi. Sitting skill: when you are ugly and Yin every day, sit upright, press your knees with one hand, pull your elbows with the other hand, look around, hold your hands left and right for three or five degrees, spit out, knock your teeth and swallow liquid. Specific methods of


: every morning, sit cross legged, turn your head to the left, lift your hands from the side of your body to your chest, turn your palms upward, then slowly lower your arms, turn your head to the front, and repeat the above actions with your arms. Turn your head to the right, the action is the same, the left and right are opposite, do 15 times on the left and right, and then knock on the upper and lower teeth, that is, knock on the teeth 36 times, rinse the body fluid several times, swallow it three times when the body fluid is full, and intend to send the body fluid to Dantian. Gargle for 3 times, one breath and one breath, and then stop for 36 seconds.


can improve: stagnation of chest and flank, deficiency of labor and evil poison, low back pain, no pitching, dryness, discoloration of face dust, chest fullness, nausea, food stagnation, headache, no hearing, cheek swelling, liver inversion, blue face, red eye swelling and pain, pain under both flanks leading to lower abdomen, stuffy limbs, dizziness and pupil pain.

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