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How about getting married at the beginning of 2017

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beginning of winter is the 19th solar term of the year. It has always been regarded by the people as the beginning of winter and the big festival in October of the lunar calendar. It is the time to hold harvest sacrifice and harvest banquet in ancient times, so it has always been valued by people. So how about getting married at the beginning of winter 2017? Today's old yellow calendar will introduce you.


on November 7, 2017, September 19 of the lunar calendar, Chonglong (Renchen) Shabei, Tuesday [it's appropriate] [don't use it for red yarn events] sacrifice fasting, pray for blessings, go to work, sign a voucher, ask for money, plug the cave, accept money, make a good account, cut clothes and make thick livestock, and open the market [avoid] [don't use it for daily red gauze events] separation, bed breaking, funeral, decoration, land purchase, embankment, water discharge, engagement, marriage, travel into the house, move vertical columns, build houses, open up wells, make stoves, marry, accept mining, build and migrate


It can be seen from the old yellow calendar that the beginning of winter in 2017 is November 7 of the Gregorian calendar, which is not suitable for marriage. Prospective newlyweds who intend to have a wedding may choose another auspicious day.

Chopsticks were very important in ancient marriage life. Chopsticks played an important role in the marriage life of the ancients. In the past, including Beijing, when girls got married, chopsticks were always indispensable in the dowry for their daughters. This custom is generally believed to have appeared in the Song Dynasty. At that time, after the male and female parents agreed on their children's marriage, the female parents generally sent a pair of jars containing water In, four goldfish are released, and two pairs of chopsticks are attached.


have their own meanings. Goldfish, homonymous for "Jinyu", wishes a new couple a lot of money; water means the water thrown out by the married daughter; chopsticks mean "praying for children", which is taken from the folk auspicious language: "chopsticks, quick children, quick children" There is still a custom in Chaoshan, Guangdong Province that bridegrooms and brides drink longan soup when they enter their bridal chamber, but they don't need a spoon to eat longan and use red chopsticks, which also means "hope to have a noble son soon."

In addition, the use of chopsticks in marriage has another meaning, that is, it is hoped that the young husband and wife will become pairs and never separate. In the rural areas of Northern Shaanxi, the man must bring a treasure bottle containing rice when welcoming the bride. When he arrives at the woman's house, the bride's father will fry the rice in the bottle and seal his mouth with incense and wormwood, which means "love"

he took out a pair of red chopsticks, tied them to the mouth of the bottle with a red head rope, handed them to his daughter, and said to his daughter's son-in-law, "you should pair up like chopsticks, never separate, and live a happy life."

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