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What food do you eat in frost season to strengthen your body

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frost season is late autumn, which is a solar term connected with winter. The weather is relatively cold. Since ancient times, China has the custom of keeping in good health in solar terms, especially in autumn and winter, people will attach great importance to keeping in good health. So what food do you eat to strengthen your health when it comes to the "frost fall" solar term? Let's have a look with Lao Huang.


, 老黄历,


wolfberry and Lycium barbarum have antipyretic effect, diabetes treatment, cough relieving and expectorant effects. As for medlar tea, it has the functions of treating physical deficiency and cold, sexual coldness, strengthening stomach, liver and kidney diseases, tuberculosis, constipation, insomnia, hypotension, anemia, various eye diseases, hair loss, stomatitis, skin care and so on. However, because the effect of medlar warming the body is quite strong, people with high blood pressure and too impatient had better not eat it. On the contrary, if you are weak, often catch a cold and have poor resistance, you'd better eat it every day.

turkey breast eat turkey breast three times a week, 85 grams each time, containing 72 units of calories. Every 30 grams of skinless turkey breast contains 7 grams of protein, which can effectively promote muscle growth. Turkey meat is also rich in vitamin B, zinc (which can promote cell growth) and "anti-cancer element" selenium. "Turkey meat is rich in amino acids, but almost no saturated fat, which is very healthy. Turkey meat is rich in protein and easy to feel full, thus avoiding the possibility of overeating," experts said.


although black beans are small in size, they can make you feel more energetic and won't feel hungry for a longer time compared with other foods. There are two reasons: first, black beans are rich in cellulose, which can more effectively fill your stomach and produce a sense of satiety; Secondly, black beans contain a very complex carbohydrate, which will keep you energetic all day when it is converted into energy in the body.


are the same as meat food. Black beans also contain a lot of protein, but there is no saturated fat common in meat. Experts say: "nutritionists recognize that all kinds of legumes contain more protein." so why do experts favor black beans? The answer is simple because black beans contain more cellulose than other beans.


pine nuts are pearl like pine nuts, which are widely used in traditional imperial meals and have always been regarded as nourishing and strengthening. Pine nuts are rich in oil, which can not only help defecate, but also moisturize the skin. At the same time, pine nut is a high-quality oil source, containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can alleviate inflammatory reaction. Pine nuts are high in calories. They are usually sprinkled on the food, a handful at a time.

beef is not only rich in protein that can promote muscle growth, but also a lot of iron and zinc, which can promote the health of the circulatory system. In fact, eating 3 ounces of beef at a time can meet your daily needs of a variety of nutrients, including protein, vitamins B6 and B12, as well as selenium, phosphorus, niacin and riboflavin.

egg nutritionists say that people should eat an egg every day. Eggs are rich in amino acids necessary for human muscle growth and choline, a compound vitamin that can improve memory. Egg is one of the most abundant and reliable sources of choline.

radishes people often say that radishes compete with ginseng after autumn. Eating more radishes in autumn is good for your health. Radish contains a lot of cellulose, vitamins, trace elements and double stranded RNA. Double stranded RNA can induce human body to produce interferon and enhance human immunity. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, white radish can replenish qi and smooth Qi; Carrots can tonify the heart, promote blood circulation and nourish blood, and patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can eat more; Green radish can clear away heat and soothe the liver, while water radish has a particularly good diuretic function.


sweet potatoes are rich in starch, vitamins, cellulose and other essential nutrients for human body, as well as mineral elements such as magnesium, phosphorus and calcium and linoleic acid. These substances can maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and are very effective in the prevention and treatment of habitual constipation in the elderly. In addition, sweet potato is an ideal weight loss food. It has the function of preventing sugar from converting into fat because it is rich in cellulose and pectin. Moreover, after cooking, some starch of sweet potato changes, which can increase dietary fiber by about 40% compared with raw food. It can effectively stimulate intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation.

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