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What are the essentials of Lidong's dressing_ Male articles

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every year from November 7 to 8, people will usher in the first solar term of winter - beginning of winter, beginning of winter and beginning of construction, which means that winter will begin from then on, and the weather will become colder and colder. People need to keep warm and prevent cold. So in this autumn and winter season, how to wear clothes to avoid catching cold? Let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the essentials of men's clothing at the beginning of winter.


what do men wear at the beginning of winter

after the beginning of winter, pay attention to keeping warm. First, the thermal conductivity of clothing materials is very important. The lower the thermal conductivity of clothes, the higher the warmth retention. Among many clothing materials, wool, chlorine fiber, acrylic fiber, silk and acetate viscose cotton have the lowest thermal conductivity, so they have the highest thermal insulation, while nylon, polypropylene fiber and polyester have high thermal conductivity, so their thermal insulation and cold resistance are low.


after the beginning of winter, clothes should be worn at multiple levels, and there will be more air layer between clothes and body surface, which will have a good heat preservation effect. Underwear should choose materials with good moisture absorption and air permeability, such as all kinds of pure cotton sweaters and trousers, cotton and cotton sticky sweaters and trousers, etc. Wool, acrylic and blended fabrics can be selected for the fabric of towel layer and sub outer layer. Because they contain more air. The outermost material, all kinds of thick cloth clothes are the best choice, because these materials have the least thermal conductivity.


dressing should be adjusted accordingly after the beginning of winter. Health care experts say that after winter, the temperature is low, the climate is dry, and frostbite and chapping are easy to occur due to cold stimulation. Therefore, to prevent cold and keep warm in winter, we should follow the principle of "no disturbance to Yang" and achieve "appropriate". Too little or too thin clothes not only consume Yang Qi, but also easy to catch a cold; If you dress too much and too thick, you will have diarrhea, Yang Qi can not be hidden, and cold evil is easy to invade.


are in the alternate period of autumn and winter at the beginning of winter. At this time, Yang is hidden and Yin is extremely prosperous. The daily work and rest of the public should also be adjusted accordingly. Sleep time should be appropriately increased to go to bed early and get up late. In addition, under the influence of cold and high pressure, there is often a reverse increase in temperature in winter morning, that is, the upper temperature is high, the surface temperature is low, the atmospheric convection activity stops, the harmful pollutants on the ground stay in the respiratory zone, and getting up and going out early will harm the body.

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