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What are the essentials of Lidong's dressing_ Women and babies

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every year between November 7 and 8, when the sun reaches 225 degrees of the Yellow meridian, people usher in the beginning of winter. The ancients said that "water begins to ice and the earth begins to freeze" on the beginning of winter. It can be seen that the weather is really cold from the beginning of winter. People should do a good job in preventing cold and keeping warm, especially women and children with relatively weak physique. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the essentials of women's and children's clothing at the beginning of winter.


what clothes do women wear at the beginning of winter? It must be even colder after the beginning of winter. Women can choose a long sleeved dress for themselves, and then wear it together with a medium and long tweed coat. While keeping warm, they also take into account the fashion and beauty. Girls who are afraid of cold can wear it together with boots.

if you want to make yourself look more elegant, you can also choose a white bottomed shirt with a light blue knitted cardigan and white trousers, and then wear it together with a short white suit. The overall feeling is very elegant and generous.


however, although there are many kinds of women's clothes and they can be matched at will, no matter what you wear after the beginning of winter, you should remember not to forget the "temperature" of keeping warm and cold proof for the sake of beautiful "demeanor".

what clothes does your baby wear at the beginning of winter

choose your baby's close fitting underwear. You must wear cotton. It's best to buy clothes. The fabric and clip contain high cotton content. Such clothes are not only comfortable to wear, but also easy to absorb sweat. Some down jackets are made of nylon or high-density materials. Although they have good warmth retention, they have poor air permeability. It is not recommended that children wear down jackets. They must wear them. They can choose ones with good air permeability.

Lidong baby pants when you choose to wear pants for your baby, you should first pay attention to separating your coat and pants as much as possible, and do not choose conjoined pants. Don't wrap the baby's waist too tightly and wrinkle too much. In not very cold weather, don't wear too thick, otherwise it will limit the baby's activities and produce irritability. After snow, you can put on your baby's shoes to prevent skid. Wearing boots will make your baby feel uncomfortable. You can choose winter sports shoes with some heels to have shock absorption and protect your brain.

Lidong baby shoes should be slightly looser when choosing shoes, and the texture is all cotton. Wear a pair of pure cotton socks before wearing shoes.

when dressing children in Lidong, you can refer to the number of clothes worn by parents, which is about one less than that of adults. In winter, no matter how cold the weather is, don't blindly wear warm underwear for your baby, otherwise it will only make your baby sick. Although thermal underwear can keep warm, it is not convenient for the baby to move. The baby has a large amount of activity and is easy to sweat, which is more likely to cause the baby to get sick.

many parents will touch their children's hands to judge whether the clothes are suitable. This is inappropriate. The correct way is to touch their children's neck to see if the neck is sweating. If the child is not sweating, he is well dressed.

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