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What are the essentials of Lidong's dressing_ The old man

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the beginning of winter is the beginning of winter. At this time, everything gathers and hides to avoid the cold. Naturally, people can't forget to keep warm. In particular, the middle-aged and elderly people with weak physique have degraded their physical function to a certain extent. They are vulnerable to seasonal common diseases such as respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in autumn and winter. Therefore, they should add clothes and quilts in time. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you the essentials of dressing for the old man at the beginning of winter.


what clothes should the elderly wear at the beginning of winter

the dressing skills of the elderly at the beginning of winter should pay special attention to the thermal insulation of important parts of the body, the upper body should pay attention to the thermal insulation of the back and upper arm, and the lower body should pay attention to the thermal insulation of the abdomen, waist and thigh. Add a cotton vest and wear an "old man's hat", which is very helpful to prevent catching cold. Cotton trousers in winter are heavy and easy to fall. It's best to make them into straps.


the clothes of the elderly are required to be broad, light, soft and fit, and feel comfortable to wear. At the same time, the style of clothes should be simple and easy to wear and take off. Do not wear Pullover clothes. Clothes with many buttons should not be more, and it is better to wear double breasted clothes.

the close fitting clothes of the elderly should preferably be cotton or cotton fabrics, and should not wear chemical fiber clothes. Because chemical fiber underwear has static electricity and irritating effect on the skin, it is easy to cause skin pruritus of the elderly. However, some elderly people with rheumatoid arthritis can wear pants made of nylon, because the static electricity generated by nylon is helpful to the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.


for the elderly in Lidong, it is better to add a dog skin vest in addition to the cotton clothes, because the dog skin has strong warmth, which is 20% higher than that of sheep skin, so as to protect the functions of heart, lung and stomach.

for the elderly who often have joint pain, when making cold clothes, it is best to thicken cotton or fur close to the joints such as shoulder blades and knees, or make cotton pads or fur pads separately.


old people often have adhesion between tendon and sheath, sheath and groove of biceps brachii due to bone aging, which limits joint activity. In this way, when purchasing sanitary clothes or knitting clothes, it is not suitable to choose the pullover type. The split button type should be selected as far as possible, and the buttons should be as few as possible, in order to make it easy to wear and take off.

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