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Tianjin Lidong traditional Japanese gourd stuffed dumplings and preserved cabbage

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the solar term of the beginning of winter in October of the lunar calendar is a festival valued by people in ancient times. On this day, the royal family will lead all civil and military officials to sacrifice to welcome the winter. There are also systems such as giving officials winter clothes and showing respect for orphans and widows. People also have food customs such as eating dumplings and tonifying the winter. Today's old yellow calendar will introduce you to the beginning of winter tradition in Tianjin. Let's understand it together.


northerners love to eat dumplings on the beginning of winter. Dumplings have the meaning of "Jiaozi time", and Lidong is the day when autumn and winter intersect, so the tradition of eating dumplings in Lidong has been spread in the north for hundreds of years. Others say that when Lidong eats dumplings, he can't eat them immediately after taking out the pot. He should put them one by one in a clean sieve, hang them a little and drop the water. This is to honor the God of the earth before eating and thank him for his generous giving in the autumn.

old Tianjin also has the custom of eating dumplings at the beginning of winter, but Tianjin people eat dumplings filled with Japanese melons. Japanese melon, also known as Wogua, papaya, rice melon and North melon, is a common vegetable in the north. However, it is difficult to buy Japanese melon at the beginning of winter, so local people buy Japanese melon in summer and store it, waiting for the beginning of winter to make dumplings.

there is a saying in Tianjin Wei that "at the beginning of winter, no one cares if the dumpling bowl is frozen off". In the view of Tianjin guards, the beginning of winter is the time of the transition between autumn and winter. It's lucky to eat dumplings at the time of delivery, and the dumplings filled with Japanese gourd are the most authentic and exquisite.

in addition to eating Japanese gourd stuffed dumplings, there is also a very important "ceremony" on the day of the beginning of winter in old Tianjin - "winter storage". In the past, from the beginning of winter, old Tianjin people began to make arrangements to buy and store cabbages, especially Tianjin's specialty green hemp leaf cabbages, which are people's home dishes for the winter.


in the past, in addition to storing Chinese cabbage, radish and potatoes were also necessary for winter. However, in recent years, with the rapid change of people's life, fewer and fewer families store vegetables in winter, and the word "winter storage" is gradually becoming history.

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