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2017 Lidong blessing SMS

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The arrival of

at the beginning of winter represents the prelude to the winter of "heaven and earth are closed, water and ice are cracked". After that, the weather will become colder and colder. Cold prevention, warmth preservation, food supplement and health care have become an important part of people's daily life. In this season when all things are hidden and ready for spring, send your sincere concern to your relatives and friends. Then let the old yellow calendar tidy up for you, 2017 Lidong blessing SMS collection.


1. Sincere wishes, friendship in prayers, care in greetings and care in blessings. When winter comes, it turns cold, reminding friends to add more clothes and prevent colds. May your friends be happy and healthy at the beginning of winter.

2. Time is ticking forward, waving reluctantly in autumn, waving happily in winter, and I am earnestly keeping my friendship. Come on, don't let the cold wind hurt your hand and protect yourself!

3. The emperor said: when winter comes, Aiqing is specially given a big gift bag, including a cotton coat, a pair of cotton trousers, a pair of cotton shoes, a dog skin hat and a pair of rabbit hair gloves. I hope Aiqing will be fully armed and warm for the winter from now on!

4. In cold winter, there is always a ray of sunshine to warm the heart; Far away from home, there is always a figure who is worried; Lonely heart, there is always a warm and sweet greeting; Countless text messages, there is always a blessing in winter. The beginning of winter solar term, I hope everything goes well for you who are far away from home!

5. The wind is shaking, the water is boundless, and the sky turns cold at the beginning of winter. I care about my friends like clothes. Life is always in a hurry. Cherish your body and take care of it. I wish happiness more lasting and happiness forever in my heart. Happy Lidong!

6. At the beginning of winter, I wish you: life is picturesque and poetic, happy and happy; Love is intoxicated and warm; Troubles run away, feeling comfortable; Facing the rising sun, show your natural and unrestrained heroic posture! Wedding greetings

7. One autumn rain, one cold, the weather becomes cold, so as to prevent catching cold. Wear more clothes to prevent colds, warm your heart and stomach, and drink more soup. Afraid you are too careless, send a text message to remind you. Warm diet is very important. I wish you health every day.

8. In winter, cold birds escape and wear thick clothes when going out for business. Good health is a blessing to prevent colds and diseases. Get up early and drink porridge to exercise and strengthen your body. May you be happy at the beginning of winter and your family be happy and peaceful.

9. Time flies. Time flies. Winter comes. Don't forget to heat up before drinking water, add clothes before going out, don't forget your body when working, and don't forget to cover your quilt when sleeping. Remember the above points, and winter will show you a smiling face.

10. It's cold and idle clouds make clothes; The ground is cold, and the fallen leaves are for clothing; Yan is cold and moves to the South; The fish is cold and deep in the water; It's almost the beginning of winter. I'll sew you a caring dress with blessings and put it on your heart to resist thousands of miles of snow and frost for you! I wish: good friends are happy every day, everything comes true and everything goes smoothly. ""


"11. The sky is gray, the wild is boundless, and the sky is colder at the beginning of winter; the wind is rustling, the rain is flying, and you should be careful of influenza; good friends, remember, the weather is changeable and pay attention to health; greetings, the hand machine rings, making you laugh and happy. Friends, may you be healthy and auspicious at the beginning of winter!"


" 12. Sanjiu makes up for the winter. There will be no pain in the coming year. Hot porridge often drinks well for health preservation. Sesame porridge can benefit essence, wheat porridge won't worry, radish porridge won't produce phlegm, walnut porridge can consolidate essence, jujube porridge can cure anemia, and I wish Lidong happiness!

13. The cold wind blows, the fallen leaves float, and the beginning of winter comes quietly. The sky is suddenly cold, and the air is getting cold. Add clothes to keep warm, more ventilation and more exercise. In the cold weather, the body should be healthy, the meal should be warm and tonic, the soup dispels the cold, without changing the ruddy face, the heart often reads, and the feeling is constant. The beginning of winter is willing, and the beginning of winter is happy.

14. A greeting brings a trace of warmth; a little care brings a piece of sincerity; a blessing gives you peace in your life; at the beginning of winter, you should keep warm, don't freeze, and wish you happiness and good health!

15. The wind is shaking, the water is boundless, and the beginning of winter has turned cold. Care for friends and think like clothes. Life is always in a hurry. Cherish your body and maintain it more. I wish happiness more lasting and happiness forever in your heart. Happy beginning of winter!

16. Autumn goes and winter comes. Friends care and feel warm. Pay attention to your body. Don't take your heart lightly. Always hang you in your mind. Send a message of love. May you live a happy life when winter comes.

17. At the beginning of winter, everything stands. You have no worries about food and clothing and settle down. Love is sweet, you start a family and start a career. You are tough and indomitable. You have a brilliant career and make contributions. I wish you success and happy beginning of winter.

18. At the beginning of winter, you miss fools and want to "freeze", care for the wind and "freeze", bless all-round "freeze", and wish to live "freeze" "Lively you, beautiful figure" frozen "people, career" frozen "land, good luck" frozen "like a rabbit!"


"19. The rising sun can't hide the coolness of winter. Cold fog rises everywhere, opening the prelude to winter. At the beginning of winter, I hope all my best friends can: keep warm, exercise more, grin and drink more water at ordinary times."


" 20. Wear clothes and hats and keep warm. Drink more hot water and go to bed early. Do more exercise and don't catch a cold. When winter comes, you will be in a good mood. Work hard and your salary will be high. A happy life comes every day!

21. Water begins to freeze, the ground begins to freeze, rape is transplanted and wheat is planted; vegetation withers, insects sleep, and all natural things are collected; mutton stove, ginger mother duck, dumplings smell when giving birth. At the beginning of winter, SMS arrives, good luck and happiness; exercise frequently, you will keep in good health, and health and peace are always accompanied.

22. When the solar terms alternate to the beginning of winter, the feeling of thinking of you becomes stronger. SMS is busy sending blessings, telling you to add clothes in the cold weather, supplement your diet to ensure your health, increase your income every day, reduce your luck from the sky, be happy and happy, and your friendship with me is infinite!

23. When winter comes, the cold comes, and winter will come soon. The north wind blows, rain and snow come, wear more clothes to keep warm. Send text messages, care, and pay attention to keeping warm and windproof. I wish Lidong a happy and happy life!

24. When winter comes, the cold wind rises, blessings and greetings are transmitted; when the temperature drops, increase clothes, strengthen exercise and keep healthy; eat and live in a safe house, be regular, relax and chat with friends; Far apart, in my heart, I wish you happiness and health all winter.

25. Hello to Lidong! Cold attack, wear more clothes; Rough skin, sleep more; Cold hands and feet, hot water bubble; Drink hot water and adjust Yin and Yang; Avoid raw and cold, good intestines and stomach; Get up early and do exercises frequently. The beginning of winter solar term, I wish you a warm winter and good luck!

26. The cold wind is sad. I let greetings bring warmth; Frost boundless, I let the blessing send warm; One after another, I let Miss bring sweetness. It's cold at the beginning of winter. I don't forget my concern for you all the time. I hope my SMS can make you feel happy.

27. Cold dew and frost spread all over the ground. It is difficult to hide my mellow affection. A concern to send green silk, a little heart into the heart pool, and a wisp of care everywhere. A short message is warm as honey, carrying happy memories, with happy delicacy, with Miss beauty, wrapped in the coat of good luck, and flying to your heart. Happy Lidong.

28. At the beginning of winter, Chimonanthus chinensis is beautiful, the cold wind is tight, and snowflakes are floating. Miss you, say hello, keep warm, add a coat, be more happy and less worried * be open-minded and in a good mood. Your happiness, the most important, sincere wishes, good winter!

29. The cold frost falls and can't stop the light of the rising sun; Cold everywhere, can not cool the hot heart; Lidong opens the curtain of winter. I wish you a warm cotton padded jacket. Pay attention to keeping warm in cold weather. I wish you peace, health and happiness!

30. Tasting a cup of fragrant tea: missing friends; Listen to an old song: memories of friends; Send a text message: contact a friend; Say hello: how are you? Pass a care: take care when it's cold; Send a blessing; Happy Lidong! "

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