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Farming arrangement of light snow solar term in 2017

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light snow is the 20th solar term of the year. The light snow solar term in 2017 will come on November 22. In the light snow season, the Yellow River Basin begins to snow, but it is not time for heavy snow, so it is called light snow. The snow at this time can protect crops from winter, and local farming has not stopped at this time. Then let the old yellow calendar bring you the arrangement of light snow solar terms. Before and after the light snow of


, 小雪节气农事,


, people will gradually enter the severe winter with cold weather in the ice and snow enclosure. In the north, we should break the old habit of "cat winter" in the past, take the opportunity of winter leisure to do a good job in agricultural and sideline production, accumulate fertilizer, make fertilizer, willow weaving and straw weaving according to local conditions in winter, and develop ways to get rich from various channels.

as the saying goes, "shovel cabbage with light snow and shovel spinach with heavy snow". At this time, we should be ready to store cabbage. Stop watering about ten days before harvest to prevent freezing, and harvest on a sunny day. After that, the roots of Chinese cabbage were dried in the sun for 3-4 days. It is stored in the ditch with the same height as the Chinese cabbage, and the roots of the Chinese cabbage are all downward and side by side in the ditch. When it is cold, it is mostly covered with Chinese cabbage leaves and corn stalks to prevent freezing.

in the north, fruit farmers began to trim fruit trees and wrap the stems with straw foil to avoid freezing of fruit trees. In the south, light snow is the key period of wheat sowing, which should be finished three or five days after light snow.

light snow season, because the temperature is still high and the sunshine is sufficient, which is conducive to seedling emergence. Sufficient base fertilizer shall be applied during sowing. If the base fertilizer is not applied or insufficient during sowing, topdressing shall be carried out in time. If it is dry, irrigation and intercropping shall be carried out in time.

in light snow season, after wheat sowing, we should seize the opportunity to sow barley. Barley has shorter growth period than wheat, late sowing, early maturity and wide adaptability. It can be suitable for a variety of single and double cropping rice fields, which will not affect the timely sowing of early rice. During the


light snow solar terms, the lowest temperature in the north is mostly below zero, so we should do a good job in preventing cold and keeping warm for livestock. North China in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River is in the early snow period. In the period of less precipitation, the arrival of light snow is of great significance. At this time, Shandong should pay close attention to the collection of onions, do a good job in winter irrigation of wheat, preserve moisture and prevent freezing. In Henan Province, we should pay close attention to winter farming, turn the land deeply, and press sand for soil, which will help freeze the pests. During the light snow period of


, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River began to enter winter, and early frost can be seen in some areas. But the first snow comes late, usually in the middle and late December. In this area, the field management of wheat and rape began during the light snow solar term, and began to accumulate fertilizer.

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