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What vegetables to eat in cold dew season to tonify the kidney

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as we all know, eating more vegetables can supplement the vitamins needed by the human body, slow the rate of food digestion and absorption, strengthen the stomach and intestines, adjust blood quality and physical fitness, and even some vegetables have health care functions. Now let's talk about what vegetables we eat in the cold dew season in late autumn can tonify the kidney. Let's have a look with Lao Huang.


okra has the effect of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the body, which is unusual in vegetables. Okra tender fruit contains a kind of mucus, arabinoglycan, galactan, rhamnoglycan and protein. It is often eaten to help digestion, enhance physical strength, protect liver, strengthen stomach and whole intestine. Okra also contains special effective ingredients, which can strengthen the kidney and tonify deficiency. It has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on male organic diseases and enjoys the reputation of "plant Viagra".

broad beans broad beans and other beans look like human kidneys. They can also help maintain kidney function. Broad bean has the functions of accelerating the stomach, removing dampness, benefiting the viscera, "tonifying the middle and Supplementing Qi, astringent and strengthening the intestines". Vitamin C in broad bean can delay arteriosclerosis, and dietary fiber in broad bean skin can reduce cholesterol and promote intestinal peristalsis.


yams have the effects of invigorating the spleen and lungs, tonifying the stomach and kidney, tonifying the kidney and essence, hearing and brightening the eyes, helping the five zang organs, strengthening muscles and bones, calming the nerves, and prolonging life. Yam can "Benefit Kidney Qi, strengthen spleen and stomach, stop diarrhea, dissipate phlegm and saliva and moisten skin". It contains dopamine, which has important functions of dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation. It is suitable for diabetics, abdominal distension, weak patients, chronic nephritis and long term diarrhoea.

onion is the only known plant containing prostaglandins, which can protect the prostate because onion has multiple functions such as anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic, diuretic and antidiarrheal, reducing blood sugar, blood lipid, cholesterol and blood pressure. Because it not only enjoys the reputation of "Queen of vegetables", but also a good product for tonifying the kidney and strengthening yang, men can't eat three meals a day without onions.

Broccoli subjects in this study were divided into two groups and ate four servings of broccoli or peas each week. It was found that a group of patients who ate broccoli had "anti-cancer genes" in their bodies, which could protect men from prostate cancer.? Prostate cancer is the second male cancer killer only secondary to lung cancer. 680000 people suffer from prostate cancer and 220000 people die every year. This research report, the first human experiment, was recently published in the Journal of the public library of science. In addition to broccoli, cauliflower and purple cabbage, which belong to the same cruciferous family, have no poor anti-cancer effect, and men should eat more.

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