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If you eat beef, go to Fogang's 49 frost Festival

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I believe everyone has heard the saying that "it is better to make up the frost than to make up the winter". When the frost season comes every year, China's folk tonic activities have reached a climax. Chicken, duck, fish and meat are indispensable, and beef is also a popular ingredient in this season. There is also a frost festival with beef as an important content in Sijiu Township, Fogang County, Guangdong, Today's old yellow calendar will introduce you.


is located in Fogang, a mountainous county in the middle of Guangdong Province. It is a county under the jurisdiction of Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province. Every year, a "49 beef Festival", also known as "Fogang 49 frost Festival", is held here to attract tourists and food lovers. The so-called "49" in


refers to the 49 township of Fogang County (now the 49 area of Tangtang town). 49 is an ancient place name in Fogang. Since ancient times, the last four and nine of the local dates are polder days, so it is named 49. Here, every family has the traditional custom of eating beef on frost days, which is said to have been handed down for hundreds of years.


are the so-called "pastoral beauty of frost, the best time to cook cattle". It is said that on the day of frost every year, pork can not be found in sijiuwei city. Since the integration of 49 town into Tangtang Town, Tangtang town continues to hold the "frost beef Festival" every year on the frost day. Every year, more than 30 cattle will be slaughtered and more than 30000 kilograms of beef will be prepared for villagers and tourists to buy.


it is understood that the villagers in 49 have a custom of eating beef during the frost season for hundreds of years to pray for the elimination of diseases and disasters, Strong, auspicious and smooth. When frost falls, many 49 people who work in other places will go back to their hometown to eat beef, and even invite relatives and friends to taste the whole cow feast.


at the same time, because the Double Ninth Festival will be held soon after the frost, Tangtang town will also take advantage of the situation to carry out the Double Ninth Festival to respect the elderly, set up a "whole cow banquet", and invite the elderly over 80 years old in Lingtang village to send them a delicious "whole cow banquet", so that the elderly can also taste delicious food. Recommended by


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