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How to prevent frost in farming

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in late October every year, people will usher in frost solar terms. Frost, as the name suggests, the weather is getting colder and begins to fall. For agricultural production, we must pay close attention to the occurrence of frost disasters and try our best to avoid losses to immature autumn crops. So today's old yellow calendar will introduce you to frost farming: how to prevent frost.


after the frost, the temperature in northern China decreased significantly and began to frost. At this time, some crops are still growing, such as sweet potatoes, peanuts and some late autumn vegetables. Therefore, in agricultural activities in this season, we should pay attention to frost prevention.


frost is a white crystal in which the water vapor in the air freezes on the ground object, and the air around it drops below zero due to the decrease of the surface temperature of the object. Frost often occurs in the early spring, late autumn and winter after the cold wave, on a clear and windless night or early morning, so there is the agricultural proverb "frost is heavy and windy on a sunny day". Frost usually occurs in valleys or depressions, so it is also said that "snow hits the mountain and frost hits the depression".


frost will affect the growth of crops and seriously cause crop death because low temperature will cause plants to lose water due to freezing of cell space in their bodies. Therefore, after the frost, we should always pay attention to the weather changes and do a good job in frost prevention.


frost prevention methods should be appropriate to the place. For example, small-area crops can be covered with plastic cloth and straw. For large-area crops, fireworks can be lit around or at a certain distance to destroy the formation of frost with smoke. Generally speaking, local weather stations in China will make forecasts on the days when frost is likely to occur. Farmers can pay attention to it.


mainly have the following three aspects for frost prevention measures: 1. Select appropriate planting sites and sowing dates according to crop types to avoid frost damage. 2. Flexible application of cultivation measures to prevent frost. 3. Before frost, measures such as irrigation, water spraying, blowing, smoking, covering and heating shall be taken to prevent frost. Recommendation of


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