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Antithetical couplet on frost fall related to solar terms and culture

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after long-term observation and practice, the ancients of China summed up 24 solar terms in a year, which not only became a guide for future generations' production and life, but also an important part of folk traditional culture. Around the solar terms, people wrote poems and compositions, and also drew up some couplets related to them, many of which were interesting. Then today's old yellow calendar will sort out the couplets about frost for you.


common couplets about frost drop

frost drop is like light snow; The spring equinox is not very cold.

Liu sanshuang came early; The wild goose is still cold and falling rapidly.

new frost autumn chrysanthemum weight; When the cold comes down, there are few emerald trees.

frosted warm old wine; Cold brings new clothes.


Li Shutong, named Wentao and nicknamed Xishuang, was a music and art educator and drama activist. Later, he converted to Buddhism and was called Hongyi. He was born on September 20, the sixth year of qingguangxu (1880.10.23), which was a day of frost. There is an inscription in the couplet:


stop the frost and crow the birds. Wen Tao is the only way to be clean; Drop the liquid, open the wild spring, and uncover the private Zen of the sea.

on September 28, the 16th year of the Republic of China (October 23, 1927), the sister of economist Zhu Jiannong married Dong Jun, who was engaged in agricultural scientific research. Linguist Yang Shuda thought that October 24 would be frost, so he wrote a couplet saying:

the frost will return to his wife, and the ceremony is in accordance with the old code; Good farmers sow seeds and Miao Zhuo new fields.

on September 21, the 26th year of the Republic of China (October 24, 1937, it was frost), the Chinese Youth Association of the Philippines held a "welcoming chess king Xie xiaxun's Anti Japanese War publicity conference" in Manila. Xie xiaxun wrote a book and hung it on both sides of the venue. The couplet reads:


have dominated Vietnam for 20 years, three families have died in the Qin Dynasty, the war of resistance against Japan has a bright future, and do not live up to the tide of the Philippines and the toad shadow of Minshan Mountain; The Han Dynasty suffered from the Huns, the Tang Dynasty suffered from the Turks, robbed the bureau at the same time in ancient and modern times, cast pen for the emergency class Super, and lost money in the Bu style.

it was frost on the second day of September in the 27th year of the Republic of China (October 24, 1938). SA Shijun, captain of Second Lieutenant Colonel Nakayama, died heroically when fighting with the Japanese army at the age of 43. Song Qingling wrote an elegiac couplet:

the leader of Guangzhou protection, Wuhan killed enemies and succeeded in benevolence. The old name and new name are fragrant for centuries; The Yellow Sea donated to Shichang, and the Yangtze River lost its Shijun. It is a song and cry, surging forward and backward, and fighting for a long time.

on September 23, the 29th year of the Republic of China (October 23, 1940, it was frost), Chen Yi visited Han Guojun, a patriotic old man. Han Zhuan presented a couplet to Chen Yi with the following sentence:


. It is noted that six families have armor on their chest; Meritorious service covers the body.

"notes" refers to notes. "Six schools" is the general name of six schools of thought, including Yin and Yang, Confucianism, Mohism, name, law and morality. Chen Yi immediately gave back to Lianyun:

the staff country fought against the enemy, which was left straight in ancient times; There are people in China who live in the countryside and ask for politics.


and "staff country", the nickname of 70 years old. "Yizhi" goes straight, with the legacy of ancient sages.

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