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Choose the right quilt to survive the winter

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frost is the last solar term in autumn. After that, the weather will become colder and colder, and people will soon usher in winter. In frost season, it is very important to prevent cold and keep warm. Especially when you sleep, you need a quilt that is comfortable and warm enough to better ensure the quality of sleep and spend the cold autumn and winter. This is also a small detail that frost health care needs to pay attention to. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you how to choose a quilt for frost.


late autumn has come. Choosing a comfortable, mild and durable quilt will add refreshing warmth to the hard cold days. In a year, people have to cover thick quilts for at least six months, while in the north, it is longer. Comfortable quilt is the guarantee of high-quality sleep. Whether you can fall asleep quickly is closely related to the quilt temperature. Only by choosing a suitable quilt can you be energetic during the day and sleep safely at night.

according to research, people are most likely to fall asleep when the quilt temperature is 32 ℃ - 34 ℃. The quilt temperature is low and needs to be warmed with body temperature for a long time, which not only consumes the heat of the human body, but also excites the cerebral cortex after the human body surface is stimulated by cold for a period of time, so as to delay the time to fall asleep, or cause not deep sleep. Therefore, choosing the right quilt is very important to sleep.

duvet the filling of the duvet is goose down or duck down, so it is the lightest quilt, dry, hygroscopic and perspiring, which is most suitable for the elderly and pregnant women; The elderly and pregnant women need a warm and comfortable feeling, and the weight of the quilt should not be too large, otherwise it will affect breathing. Goose down or duck down quilt is the most heat-insulating and lightest.

silk quilt silk quilt is also a very light bed product, and the best silk quilt should be filled with 100% mulberry silk. Because the silkworm can't touch pesticides and other chemicals during its growth, the silk quilt should be a "green" and environment-friendly quilt. The main component of


silk is animal protein fiber, which contains more than ten kinds of amino acids, which is beneficial to human body. Therefore, if you are a woman, you can choose a silk quilt, which is very effective in maintaining skin moisture and has a certain skin beautifying effect.

wool (cashmere) quilt wool (cashmere) quilt is the most intimate quilt, which is derived from the natural drapability of wool. It is close, comfortable and a good choice; Generally speaking, ordinary families can choose such quilts. Wool quilts are relatively warm and have slightly lower air permeability than down and silk, but the cost of wool quilts is not high and suitable for families.

in addition, the wool quilt is relatively natural. It will not worry about jumping down like the down quilt, which will accidentally enter the respiratory tract and cause discomfort. It also presses the wind more than the silk quilt, so it is also very suitable for children.


fibers are considered as the cheapest among quilts. Its fiber quilt can be divided into four hole, seven hole and nine hole quilts. The more fiber holes, the better its warmth retention, elasticity and air permeability. So try to choose a quilt with more fiber holes.

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