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Lidong traditional custom heating meeting

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

on November 7, 2017, the annual beginning of winter solar term is coming. In ancient times, Lidong, as one of the "four Li", was a festival of great importance. When the royal family began to celebrate the winter, the emperor led hundreds of officials to offer sacrifices to welcome the winter, and the folk also had distinctive traditional customs. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the traditional custom of the beginning of winter - heating meeting.


there is a custom of setting up a stove to burn charcoal and holding a heating meeting in winter. The cold has been heavy after the frost, so the opening date is usually in the early October of the lunar calendar.


the ancients of our country always had a special liking for the "heater club". Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty wrote in "drinking on New Year's Eve" that "when drunk, he sits on a fragrant pillow and sleeps near the heater", which tells the scene of sleeping after drinking near the heater. The heater in the real sense is said to have appeared in the Song Dynasty and even become a popular festival.

Meng Yuanlao of the Song dynasty recorded in the Tokyo dream records that "on October 1, a company entered the stove and charcoal, and the people used wine as a stove." Jin Yingzhi said it in more detail. In his "talking about the drunken man - a record of the customs of the capital", he wrote: "the old custom is that the people of Beijing sit around and drink in the stove in October with wine and roasted meat. It is called the stove."

According to the records of the age of Jingchu, "tourists gather in the White Deer Cave of Lushan Mountain. Every winter is cold, and the black salary in the gold market is a preparation for keeping out the cold. It is called the black gold society. On October day, life wine is a warm stove meeting." in Peiping, the Kang is usually warmed on the first day of October, and a stove is set up, which is called the furnace opening Festival. The stove is not removed until the first day of February of the next year.


in the miscellaneous notes of the age of ten, it is said that when people in Beijing drink in the beginning of October, they roast large pieces of meat in the oven and eat while drinking around the stove, which is called "warm stove". The book of rites · monthly order records that there is a heater meeting in October. Kunshan in Jiangsu, Taiping in Anhui and Zhongxiang in Hubei also began to use fire to keep out the cold at the beginning of the month. During this period, some people sold cakes for food or drank alcohol and held heater meetings.

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