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Lidong traditional custom decocting herbs and picking mulberry leaves

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The arrival of

beginning of winter has always been regarded as the beginning of winter by Chinese people. In ancient times, beginning of winter and beginning of spring, beginning of summer and beginning of winter were collectively known as "four sets". Both royal families and people attached great importance to it. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the traditional custom of Lidong: frying herbs and picking mulberry leaves.


fried vanilla is one of the fragrant herbs, waving it on the grass with your sleeves. It will be fragrant and can be sewn into a sachet for wearing. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that burning herbs can prevent plague, dispel wind malaria and expel filth in houses; Wearing a sachet can relieve depression; Soup and bath can dispel wind and cold.

in addition, vanilla liniment can prevent pollution in the hair room; Decoct with water and wine and apply it on the face, which can remove black spots and nourish the face. Plants such as LAN Hui also belong to vanilla. They are all pungent and have the spirit of divergence. They are enough to eliminate filth, moisten muscles and disperse stagnation.


during the Warring States period, herbs were commonly used in the folk of Chu in China. In Chu Ci, Xinyi, LAN Ci, Du Heng, jieche, Xue Li, Jiang Li, Hu Sheng, Fang Zhi, etc. all refer to herbs. They can not only be sewn and worn or bathed in soup, but also be used to worship gods and boil ointments.


bathing with honeysuckle soup has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, and can remove all rheumatism and acne. Chrysanthemum can dispel wind and heat, remove dampness and arthralgia, and clear the head. According to the happy events of the Xi Dynasty, "it is called scabies sweeping to bathe in various herbs, chrysanthemums and honeysuckle Decoction on the beginning of winter."


collect mulberry leaves. Mulberry leaves are bitter, sweet and cold. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that they can dispel wind, clear heat, cool blood and brighten eyes. Mulberry leaves are old and frosted, which is characterized by sufficient Qi and thick strength. The beginning of winter has entered winter. At this time, we have to eliminate the Qi of autumn. Mulberry leaves can relieve the stagnation of liver and gallbladder.


in Guangji Fang, it is said that one hundred and twenty mulberry leaves are collected in winter. In leap years, ten more are collected and ten are used each time. When you need to wash your eyes, wash your eyes with mulberry leaf decoction, which can treat all kinds of eye diseases. Others, such as Puji recipe and Jijian recipe, have recorded the methods of using mulberry leaves to treat blue blindness, wind eye tears and red eye astringency and pain.

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