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Four taboos of eating mutton in Lidong

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there is a folk saying in China: "make up for the winter at the beginning of the winter and make up for the empty mouth". There are a variety of delicious foods to eat on this day. Among them, the North eats more dumplings, while the south takes chicken, duck, fish and meat together, and nutritious foods such as beef and mutton are also indispensable. But Lidong tonic food is also exquisite. For example, Lidong eating mutton is taboo, so let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


mutton is traditionally eaten in the beginning of winter. Mutton is sweet, hot and belongs to fire. It can supplement yuan and Yang, treat physical deficiency and weakness, resist cold and Qi, calm down and stop panic, and has a strong nutritional effect. Mutton tastes especially delicious after autumn and winter. In addition to sleeping outside the Great Wall, places such as Inner Mongolia and Tibet generally begin to eat mutton in late autumn until the beginning of spring.

for example, in Changxing, Zhejiang Province, stores have been set up in August of the lunar calendar to slaughter sheep for sale. There is a folk saying: "a sheep is cut in early August." it didn't stop selling until new year's Eve. Along the Taihu Lake Basin, sheep are abundant. In winter, mutton is also seasonal. According to the imperial scenery, in the Ming Dynasty, sheep began to appear on the market in Peiping in October of the lunar calendar.


the benefits of eating mutton at the beginning of winter. The smell of mutton is warm and good at tonifying deficiency. Compendium of Materia Medica once called mutton and ginseng side by side. Zhang Zhongjing used Angelica mutton soup to treat asthenia. The colder the weather, the better it is to eat mutton. Generally, there are various methods, such as sauce mutton, white mutton, sheep key son, sheep dumpling head, sheep tripe soup, fried sheep feet and so on. The roast mutton at zhengyanglou in Beiping and the Yangqing in Taihu Lake in Western Zhejiang are particularly popular.

however, if in spring, the premature gas is warm and the sheep are easy to eat poisonous grass, it is not suitable to eat mutton at this time.

taboo to eat mutton at the beginning of winter

taboo to eat with tea. Tea is the "Nemesis" of mutton. This is because mutton is rich in protein, while tea contains more tannic acid protein, which weakens intestinal peristalsis, reduces stool moisture, and then induces constipation.

avoid eating with vinegar. Sour vinegar has a astringent effect, which is not conducive to the growth of Yang in the body. Eating with mutton will greatly reduce its warming and tonic effect.


avoid eating with watermelon. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that eating watermelon after eating mutton is easy to "hurt vitality". This is because mutton tastes sweet and hot, while watermelon is cold. It is a raw and cold product, which hinders the spleen and stomach.


should not be eaten with pumpkin. This is mainly because mutton and pumpkin are warm food. If they are eaten together, they are easy to get angry. In order to prevent "getting angry", you might as well put some cool food appropriately, such as stewing with radish.

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