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What are the farming activities at the beginning of winter

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the ancient Chinese book "the collection and interpretation of the seventy-two seasons of the moon" says: "winter is the end, and all things are collected." it means that after the beginning of winter, the autumn crops are collected and dried, and all things in the world begin to hibernate to avoid the cold winter. Can farmers rest at this time? In fact, it's not. Even in winter, farmers are still busy. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the agricultural activities at the beginning of winter.


vegetable farming should be done well in time after winter. At the same time, do a good job in the management of greenhouse vegetables. When the temperature is high in white weather, you can uncover the film at the back air outlet for ventilation. Pay attention to the sealing of greenhouse at night.

in North China and Huang Huai Region, when the daily average temperature drops to about 4 ℃ and the field soil freezes at night and disappears at day, we must seize the opportunity to water the winter water of wheat, vegetables and orchards, so as to supplement the lack of soil moisture, improve the field microclimate environment, prevent the "threat of drought and cold", and reduce and avoid the occurrence of freezing injury. In Jiangnan and South China, opening "high-yield ditches" in the field in time and doing a good job in ditch cleaning and drainage are important measures to prevent waterlogging and freezing hazards in winter.


autumn harvest and winter planting at this time is a good time for autumn harvest and winter planting. All localities should make full use of the sunny weather to do a good job in the harvest, drying and drying of late rice to ensure the quality of storage. We should pay close attention to winter wheat sowing and listen to the weather forecast. We should make good use of the weather. It is better to sow early in rain than to sow slightly later in sunny days, so as to ensure the sowing quality, strive to overwinter with tillers, prevent jointing within the year, expand the winter planting area as much as possible and reduce idle fields. All localities should pay close attention to winter planting, winter water conservancy and winter composting.

animal husbandry and farming pig epidemic prevention in autumn, focusing on needle supplement; Farm cattle should strengthen grazing and eat enough forage; Carry out an insect repellent work between the advent of winter. When grazing, try to let the goats eat enough forage to get fat; Long haired rabbits are bred in autumn, and those that are not bred are bred in time; Farmers who have the habit of raising geese quickly introduce Miao geese. The 70 day old is just in time for the Spring Festival and can be sold at a good price.


after winter, farming is gradually completed. Farmers should check and repair all farm tools in their spare time. If it is found that it is damaged or unusable, it shall be repaired or added immediately, so as not to delay the agricultural season in the coming spring. In the book of rites · monthly order, there is a winter month "ordering farmers to plan, put aside farming, repair and recruit, and have field tools". That's what I mean.


fertilizer plants, except those growing in swamps, mostly rely on their roots to absorb nutrients from Tucheng to maintain their lives. In the mountains where there are no people all year round, the trees are particularly lush. It is the dead branches and leaves that depend on the plants and trees that accumulate over time to form fertilizer. After winter, plants and trees wither. In areas close to mountains and forests or in homes with gardens, withered branches and leaves are everywhere. It is the best time for farmers to make compost.

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