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The ancient tradition of celebrating winter and offering sacrifices to the winter God

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in ancient China, the beginning of winter is a very important festival in a year. The feudal court held a winter welcoming ceremony every year on the day of the beginning of winter. The emperor led all civil and military officials to set up altars to worship the winter God. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the ancient tradition of beginning winter: welcoming the winter and offering sacrifices to the winter God.


in ancient feudal society, at the beginning of winter every year, the emperor would wear black clothes, ride an iron horse and take all civil and military officials to the northern suburbs to worship the winter God. It is said that the name of the winter God is Yu Qiang, with the word xuanming. According to the book of mountains and seas, he lives on an island in the North Sea. He looks strange: human face, bird body, two green snakes hanging on his ears and two flying red snakes with his feet.


offer sacrifices to the winter God. According to the records of the historian, when offering sacrifices to the winter God in the Han Dynasty, 70 boys and girls were required to sing the song of xuanming together: "xuanming mausoleum is overcast, insects cover it... When Ji gathers, cover Jiayi." the lyrics mean that it is cold, so we should collect good food. harvesting in autumn and storing of grain in winter.


in addition to offering sacrifices to the winter God, the feudal court also held a ceremony to welcome the winter in the suburbs on the day of the beginning of winter, and rewarded the ministers with winter clothes and comforted the orphans and widows.


are recorded in "Lv's spring and autumn · Meng Dong": "it is also the moon that starts winter. First, it starts winter for three days. The emperor, the thirsty son of Taishi, said:" one day, winter begins, and virtue is in the water. "The son of heaven is fasting. On the day of winter, the son of heaven personally leads three gongs and nine Qing officials to welcome winter in the northern suburbs. In return, he rewards death and sympathizes with loneliness and widowhood."


are days, The emperor led three officials and nine officials to welcome the winter at six miles in the northern suburbs. When the emperor comes back to welcome the winter, he should give a great reward to the society, and compensate the orphans and widows, that is, commend and compensate the martyrs who died for the country and their families.


in addition, because the ancients believed that the beginning of winter was a sign of the transition from autumn to winter, they attached great importance to this solar term. At the national level, the emperor would lead hundreds of officials to sacrifice; Among the people, farmers will hold a ceremony to worship the earth God to thank the gods for their blessing and pray for a bumper harvest in the coming year.

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