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Folk traditional custom of starting winter to make up for winter

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ancient China was an agricultural society. People worked hard all year round. It was customary to eat something good at the beginning of winter, which was regarded as a reward for the hard work of the whole family over the past year. In this way, the tradition of starting winter to make up for winter gradually formed among the people. Now, people think that starting winter to make up for winter can help enhance the ability of human body to resist the cold and help people spend the winter healthily, This makes the custom of beginning winter and making up winter more popular, so let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


in southern China, people like to eat chicken, duck and fish meat to make up for the winter at the beginning of winter, so as to enhance their physique and resist the cold winter. Generally, people in southern China make up for the winter and eat more chicken, duck and fish meat. For example, in Taiwan, every winter day, the "mutton stove", "ginger duck" and other winter tonic restaurants in the street are full of friends. Most families also stew sesame oil chicken and Siwu chicken to increase energy.


in Southern Fujian, on winter day, the married daughter should send chicken, duck, pig's hoof, pig's belly, etc. to her mother's family, so that her parents can supplement their bodies and express their filial piety to their parents. Many people will raise some chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits at home in advance. When the "tonic winter" season comes, people make careful preparations, make a lot of delicious food, and make a big tonic with family and friends, so as to strengthen the body, nourish and maintain health.


are popular in Jiangsu Province. Suzhou people have an old tradition of taking plasters at the beginning of winter. Usually, every winter, Suzhou traditional Chinese medicine hospital and some time-honored pharmacies will set up tonic clinics to cook plasters for citizens and sell winter tonic and health products. In Wuxi, we should "eat dumplings" at the beginning of winter. Lidong's dumplings are made of newly listed autumn grain, wrapped with fillings made of bean paste, radish, lard and soy sauce. They taste very good.

in the past, people used to take supplements every winter to compensate for their lack of energy. However, the nature of tonics is different, and people's observation Fu is also completely different. If tonic is not appropriate, it is often harmful and unhelpful. Therefore, it is best to consult an experienced doctor and formulate a tonic prescription for conditioning.


tonic prescriptions are not simple tonics. On the one hand, they should be applied with flat tonic, warm tonic, clear tonic and astringent tonic according to each person's constitution. On the other hand, they should be applied with methods such as generating fluid, supplementing qi, consolidating essence and nourishing blood according to the individual's fundamental etiology.


tonic prescriptions are a mixture of a variety of drugs. For example, they are boiled into thick juice by adding rock sugar and donkey hide gelatin. First, they taste sweet and soft without the smell of drugs and are easy to take for a long time. Second, they can moisturize the whole body and the lungs. The efficacy is not limited to parts of the body and the efficacy is easy to show. It is most suitable for patients with various chronic diseases, such as tuberculosis, asthma, kidney deficiency, spermatorrhea, blood deficiency, amenorrhea, malnutrition and various weak diseases.

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