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Lidong health keeping exercise long-distance running

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Chinese people generally believe that the beginning of winter is the beginning of winter. At this time, the weather is getting drier and drier, the temperature generally shows a rapid downward trend, and the real winter is coming. After the beginning of winter, some people who are afraid of the cold will stay at home and don't go out if they can't go out, but in fact, they also need moderate physical exercise in winter. For example, long-distance running is a winter sport worthy of people's attention, so let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


long-distance running is a winter fitness exercise suitable for all ages, which strengthens myocardial contractility, increases cardiac output, and improves the efficiency of oxygen absorption and transportation. Therefore, long-distance running can have a good effect on cardiopulmonary function. Long-distance running exercise makes people energetic and enhance their physical strength.

modern research has found that long-distance running exercise can promote fat metabolism, convert fat into heat and consume it, and play the role of reducing weight, reducing blood lipid and preventing atherosclerosis. Long distance running exercise can also mediate the function of brain nerve and cardiovascular system and the process of excitation and inhibition, so as to eliminate the tension of nerves and blood vessels, so as to make some patients with hypertension recover from long-distance running. Long distance running can make bones tough, increase supporting strength and enhance muscle toughness.


for beginners of long-distance running, they should first carry out alternating exercise of walking and jogging, gradually increase the amount of exercise and grasp their own scale. The intensity of long-distance running is determined by speed. Different people react differently due to differences in weight, physique, body condition and exercise time. Heart rate is a direct measure of exercise intensity. During exercise, its heart rate should not exceed the heart rate at rest plus 60 times. After exercise, the heart rate returns to normal, and it is better not to feel tired the next day.


before each long-distance running, you should be ready to exercise, relax your muscles and move your joints to make your body produce slight heat, so that you won't feel wheezing at the beginning of long-distance running. When running, you should naturally sag your shoulders, swing your elbows inward and forward, lean forward slightly, follow your feet first, and transition to landing on the whole soles of your feet, so that your calf muscles can be relaxed without fatigue. Breathing should match the pace, two steps and one breath.

long-distance running should be carried out at least three times a week for 30-40 minutes. If the interval is more than three days, start from a lower intensity.


in addition to the above precautions, it should also be noted that long-distance running is not allowed immediately after supersaturated meals. At the end, we should do a good job in finishing activities. We should slow down, walk, relax muscles, gradually eliminate sweat and restore calm. We can't stop running suddenly.

of course, for the middle-aged and elderly people or women and children with weak physique and even some chronic diseases, exercise in winter needs to be cautious. Friends interested in long-distance running should first consult a professional doctor about their physical condition and carry out long-distance running exercise after obtaining permission.

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