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A good place to enjoy maple in China in frost season

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frost season is in late autumn, when the maple leaves are in full bloom. It is most suitable for people to travel and climb with their relatives and friends. So today's old yellow calendar will recommend you a good place to enjoy maple in China during the frost season in late autumn. Let's have a look.


from mid October to early November, when the red leaves of Xiangshan are ripe, the Xiangshan red leaf festival gives Beijing a strong sense of autumn. At this time, people go to Xiangshan to enjoy the famous red leaf landscape and feel the happy and peaceful garden atmosphere of Xiangshan with flowers and trees all over the mountain.


Xiangshan Mountain is steep and has many peaks. In addition to autumn maple, the main character of red leaf tree here is Huanghe. In the frost season, Cotinus japonicus blooms its life on tens of thousands of Mu high slopes. With the difference of water, light and temperature, the colors of leaves are gorgeous, or orange like jade, scarlet like fire, or peach like wine.

Nyingchi, Tibet from late October to early November is the golden autumn season in Tibet, and it is also one of the most suitable seasons to enter Tibet at the moment. Autumn wind blows, red, yellow, blue, green and purple, falling flowers are colorful, and layers of forest are dyed; In the sunshine, thousands of trees with golden armour, continuous snow peaks, golden grasslands, blue valleys and green lakes; Autumn is the best season to watch and shoot snow mountains and glaciers.


Nyingchi can be called one of the few pure lands left in the world for human beings. In autumn, the mountains are red, the forests are dyed, the sky is blue, and the fiery red maple leaves reflect the brilliant sun. The scenery is beautiful on the blue lake.

Yuelu Mountain in Hunan Yuelu Mountain is on the West Bank of Xiangjiang River and one of the 72 peaks of Nanyue. In ancient times, there was Du Mu's famous saying "stop and sit in love with the maple forest night", and today there is Grandpa Mao's heroic saying "see all the red mountains, and all the layers of forests are dyed", all of which describe the red leaf scenery of Yuelu Mountain.


Yuelu Mountain scenic spots are as beautiful as jade carving. The mountains are full of scenic spots and historic sites. Since the Western Han Dynasty, there have been relics to be found in all dynasties. The most famous scenic spots are aiwan Pavilion, Yuelu Academy, Lushan temple and Wangxiang Pavilion. Among them, the aiwan Pavilion, built in the Qingfeng canyon on the hillside of Yuelu Mountain, is named after Du Mu's poem "stop and sit in the night of loving the maple forest". Around the pavilion, there are maple trees that can't be held by one person, intertwined and connected one by one. Every late autumn, the maple leaves flow and the wind blows the leaves, which is very spectacular.

Hailuogou in Sichuan Province is only 296Km away from Chengdu. Hailuogou has a red leaf viewing period of more than two months. It is a rare red leaf viewing Holy Land in China and even the world. The best time to watch red leaves in Hailuogou area is from the end of September to the end of November. The best places are No. 1 camp, No. 2 camp, caohaizi (mid and late October to early November), Yanzigou scenic area (mid October to mid November) and yajiageng.

Nanjing Qixia mountain Nanjing Qixia mountain has been a good place to enjoy red leaves since ancient times. It is located in the northeast of Nanjing City, covering an area of about 17 square kilometers. To see the red leaves in Qixia mountain, you'd better go to the Taixu Pavilion on the East peak, which is located in the depths of the maple forest. The ring pavilions are all ancient maple trees.

Three Gorges red leaves the charm of the Three Gorges red leaves lies in the perfect combination of color and Canyon scenery. Different from the monotonous mountain red leaves, people can enjoy the red leaves along the river in the Three Gorges, as if they were watching a beautiful landscape painting. In addition, the red oranges in the gorge of the Three Gorges scenic spot along the river have just begun to harvest in the frost season. They go down by boat. The red and yellow leaves all over the mountains on both sides are swaying in the wind.

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