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Frost health preservation eat stewed pig's feet with chestnut to nourish yin and promote blood circulation

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frost season means that autumn is coming to an end. At this time, people often take active tonics to prepare for the winter. Among the various delicacies for frost and winter tonics, chestnut stewed pig's hoof, which takes the seasonal chestnut as one of the main ingredients, has the effects of nourishing blood, nourishing yin and anti-aging. Today's old yellow calendar will introduce this dish to you.


stewed pig's feet with chestnuts: 400g chestnuts, 2 pig's feet, ginger slices, scallion, salt and monosodium glutamate. Methods: 1. Soak the pig's hoof in clean water, remove the residual hair, remove the hoof armor, scrape it clean, and disconnect it with a knife; 2. Remove the shell of chestnut and wash it; 3. Place the casserole on the fire, add an appropriate amount of water, put the pig's hoof into it, boil and skim off the floating foam; 4. Add chestnuts, ginger slices and scallions and simmer over medium heat for 2-3 hours; 5. Cook until the pig's feet are cooked and rotten, add salt and monosodium glutamate to taste. Health Preserving Effects of


: chestnut is warm in nature and sweet in taste; Return to the spleen, stomach and kidney channels. Chestnut contains sugar, protein, dietary fiber, vitamin A, carotene, vitamin B2 and other components. It has the effects of strengthening spleen and tendons, nourishing yin and kidney, promoting blood circulation and regulating blood. Modern research has proved that the carotenoids rich in chestnut can not only resist oxidation and prevent cancer, but also reduce cholesterol, prevent thrombosis and resist aging.


should be avoided: suitable people: those with tracheitis, asthma, kidney deficiency, sour waist and weak legs and feet should often eat them. Unfavorable crowd: chestnut and beef should not be eaten together to avoid vomiting; Diabetes patients do not eat. Infants with dyspepsia and weak spleen and stomach should not eat more.

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