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Shuangjiang health preserving traditional Chinese medicine decoction soaked feet to alleviate the symptoms of old cold legs

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

frost season is the time of autumn and winter, and some chronic diseases come to the door as the weather turns cold. "Old cold legs" is a problem that puzzles many people. So today's old yellow calendar recommends a way to alleviate the symptoms of old cold legs - foot bath with Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine.


old cold legs are generally a general term for recurrent and incurable leg pain (mostly knee joint); Whenever it is cloudy and rainy or the climate turns cold, there are often many patients with aggravated knee pain. Most of these patients are middle-aged and elderly people. Therefore, this symptom is also known as "old cold legs".


old cold legs belong to the category of "arthralgia" in traditional Chinese medicine. Their etiology is mostly to feel the evil of wind, cold and dampness. A long illness can hurt the liver and kidney. Therefore, the common characteristics of patients with this disease are liking warmth and fearing cold. After frost falls, the middle-aged and the elderly can prevent old cold legs, and better results can be achieved by fumigating and washing with Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine.


old patients with cold legs can take 30 grams of Clematis and Shenjin grass, 20 grams of mulberry parasitism, Angelica sinensis, Salvia miltiorrhiza and Caulis Spatholobi, 12 grams of Angelica dahurica, and 15 grams of Gentiana macrophylla, hematoxylin, notopterygium notopterygium and Angelica pubescens every night. After the medicine is boiled, take out the medicine residue, pour the medicine juice into the foot bath bucket, and then add an appropriate amount of hot water to the medicine juice, You can soak your feet. When


are fumigated with Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine, the decoction can submerge the calf, which can not only stimulate the foot acupoints, but also "take care of" some important acupoints on the calf, such as Sanyinjiao and Zusanli, so as to prevent the recurrence of old cold legs.

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