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Lidong health care sunscreen can not be lazy

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after the beginning of winter, the air is getting drier and drier. Some female friends turn the focus of skin care to moisturizing, but beauty experts point out that don't think sunscreen can be lazy in winter. If you relax sunscreen after the beginning of winter, your skin will still be hurt by the sun, so let the old yellow calendar introduce you.


winter is a rainy season, and the skin is easy to dry, so most of the women's thoughts are focused on moisturizing. But while replenishing water, never forget sunscreen, because at this time, although autumn has passed, due to the clear air and strong ultraviolet rays in the winter sun, women should do their homework and should not ignore sunscreen after the beginning of winter.


what to prevent from sunscreen in winter: the research on anti ultraviolet rays on skin has long shown that the promoting effect of ultraviolet rays on spots or freckles is a gradual result accumulated over time. In autumn and winter, the air is crisp and thin, dry and cold. Ultraviolet rays are easier to penetrate the clouds and direct the skin. The darkness and aging exposed by the sun can directly destroy the sequence of cells and make the skin lose elasticity, which is difficult to reverse.


winter sunscreen should be updated in time. It is absolutely correct to use up the sunscreen in the current season, because the sunscreen factor will slowly lose its sunscreen ability over time. If it is separated by another year, it will have little practical significance. However, the use of a bottle does not mean that the sun is no longer, how can you expose your skin? Therefore, winter sunscreen should also be updated in time.

develop good habits: apply sunscreen after basic skin care. 1. After washing your face, maintain your face according to daily care procedures, and then apply sunscreen evenly on your face. Apply sunscreen for half an hour before going out. 2. When applying sunscreen, pay attention to forget the small places such as neck, chin and ears. Be sure to apply it evenly, otherwise it will cause uneven skin color and turn into a big flower face. 3. Don't rub the sunscreen. The sunscreen is patted - take an appropriate amount between your fingers or palm, gently open it, and then pat it on the part that needs sunscreen. Sunscreen molecules are very large. Don't rub and massage hard to squeeze it into the pores. In that way, it is easy to "rub mud", which will also block the pores, but reduce the sunscreen effect. What is the best sunscreen value of


in winter? First think about what you want to do when you go out and go to work? To the beach? Go mountain climbing? This is very important because it determines how high SPF sunscreen you use. SPF value represents the effective duration of sunscreen. In case of commuting, generally use about SPF15; If you go skiing in winter, you should choose SPF30 sunscreen.

in addition, products with high SPF will be relatively greasy and thick, which will easily block pores. Only because the summer sun is really fierce, we have to choose those sunscreen multiples close to half a hundred.


in autumn and winter, because the sun is really not so exaggerated, and the pores are smaller than in summer because of heat expansion and cold contraction. In order to prevent blocking pores, you can reduce the multiple of sunscreen and give the skin some breathing opportunities.


do a good job of sunscreen in winter and double the whitening effect. Because the clouds are thin in winter, the light transmitted is much more than that in summer. Although there is less temperature, the damage is not reduced. Therefore, the idea that the sun in winter will not tan or sunburn the skin at all can be said to be unscientific. Only by taking care of sunscreen in winter can we maintain the effect of sunscreen in summer,


. At the same time, winter is also a good time for skin whitening and freckle removal. According to the metabolic function of skin, the balance of water and oil in the autumn and winter season is relatively stable. This helps to penetrate the elements of whitening, anti aging and other factors, plus the diamond shield of outer sunscreen.

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