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Six notes on making up after the beginning of winter

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

Lidong is the first solar term in winter. In China, there is a custom of Lidong tonic in both north and south. However, tonic is not just about eating delicious food. What and how to make up for Lidong tonic are very particular. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you the six precautions for making up after Lidong.


avoid disorder and tonic. First, you should know whether you should tonic, what kind of constitution you belong to, what viscera you belong to, and what deficiency you have. Generally speaking, the middle-aged people mainly benefit the spleen and stomach, and the elderly mainly benefit the kidney qi. However, specific to individuals, there are differences in Qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency, Yang deficiency, Qi, blood, yin and yang deficiency, which should be carefully analyzed and best judged under the guidance of experienced doctors. In this way, we can have a definite aim and not commit the ring of falsehood and reality.


toning and getting rid of boredom is not good for the physical state. For those with dyspepsia of the spleen and stomach, the first thing is to restore the function of the spleen and stomach, otherwise taking more supplements is useless. Therefore, winter tonic should not be too greasy and thick, and should be easy to digest.


complement and abstain from bias. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Qi and blood, yin and yang are opposite to each other, but they grow with each other. When tonic in winter, we should also pay attention to both qi and blood Yin and Yang. We should not blindly supplement, so as to prevent excessive bias from causing its disease.


exogenous tonic. When suffering from exogenous diseases such as cold and cough, do not take tonic, so as not to leave evil as enemies and bring endless future trouble.


quit talking about heroes with high and low. It's best to carry out tonic under the guidance of doctors. For tonics, don't hold the idea that the more expensive the better, and the more expensive the more effective.


quit only tonics. For those who want to keep fit and live a long life, tonics alone are not a good way. We should also pay attention to appropriate exercise, diet adjustment, more use of the brain (doing brain exercises), avoiding evil and calming, so as to achieve real health preservation.

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