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Precautions for frost reduction of pregnant women

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frost fall is the last solar term in autumn. The climate turns cold, the sky is dry, the plants and trees wither, everything tends to converge, the change of seasons and phenology are easy to have an impact on people's daily life and even spiritual emotions. People need to adjust themselves to adapt to the changes of the external environment. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you the precautions for frost reduction in pregnant women.


mood changes after the frost, the grass begins to wither and yellow slowly, and the leaves begin to fall gradually. People will become worried when they touch the scenery. Psychological experts said that autumn is a high incidence season of various emotional diseases. If the conditioning is improper, it is very easy to induce depression and other mental diseases. During the frost season of


, pregnant women should maintain a good attitude, make good use of the situation, vent their depression and cultivate an optimistic and open-minded heart. We should often participate in some recreational activities beneficial to our health, such as singing, dancing, traveling, etc. in these activities, we should communicate with others.


keep warm and don't sleep in the morning. Frost is the last solar term in autumn and the beginning of the transition from autumn to winter. The minimum temperature can reach about zero degrees Celsius. As the saying goes, "frost is not cold, frost changes the sky". At this time, the temperature difference between day and night increases. People should pay attention to adding clothes, especially keeping feet and stomach warm. At the same time, they should strengthen physical exercise, be prepared to keep warm and prevent colds. Frost season, but also to develop the habit of washing feet with hot water before going to bed.

in frost season, many people like to stay in bed and sleep because of the cold weather. In this regard, health care experts explained that the waste gas discharged by the body overnight is accumulated in the bedroom in the morning, and the air is dirty, which affects the disease resistance of the respiratory tract. In addition, a large number of bacteria, viruses, carbon dioxide and dust particles in the air will make people more prone to colds, coughs, pharyngitis, constipation, etc.


during the frost season, the temperature may drop suddenly, and the temperature difference between day and night will increase by more than 10 ℃, but our skin and respiratory system can not adapt to such changes well. At this time, patients with chronic diseases and those with poor physique and weak resistance are easy to get worse or have a cold and fever.


reducing frost is the last solar term in autumn and the transition day from autumn to winter. The temperature at this time can not be quantified, so pregnant women should try to go out less. After all, the invasion of cold into the body is bad for yourself and children.


diet nourishes the stomach. This solar term is a period when the spleen function is in a vigorous period. Because the spleen and stomach function is too strong, it is easy to cause stomach diseases. Therefore, this solar term is the peak of recurrence of chronic gastritis and gastric and duodenal ulcer. In terms of the relationship between the four seasons and five tonics (ascending tonic in spring, clear tonic in summer, light tonic in long summer, flat tonic in autumn and warm tonic in winter), we should take light tonic as the principle, and pay special attention to nourishing the stomach. Frost diet tonic should be distinguished according to the nature, taste and meridian of food.

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