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What do pregnant women wear when frost falls

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frost, the weather gradually becomes cold, which makes people feel cold in the morning and evening. People should increase or decrease clothes in time according to the change of temperature, especially the patients, the elderly, pregnant women, children and other relatively weak people. They should pay more attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you what clothes are suitable for pregnant women with frost.


knitted sweaters or thread clothes are better designed with small skirt or vertical rib at the hem. Split clothes, maternity clothes and tops should be zipper or pullover, which can be easily worn and taken off by pregnant mothers.


adjustable trousers should be those with lace at the waist, so that the tightness can be adjusted freely, and the trouser belt can not be tightened too tightly, so as to avoid that the enlarged uterus can not rise and protrude, resulting in suspended abdomen, resulting in incorrect fetal position and dystocia.

soft leather shoes, lace up shoes (non slip) pregnant mothers' shoes are very exquisite. Boots can keep your legs and feet warm, but choose soft leather and comfortable. Lace up shoes can be adjusted at any time according to the degree of foot swelling. Choose slightly larger shoes to avoid squeezing your feet when your feet are swollen.


warm and lightweight coats. Some autumn maternity clothes are made of denim fabric, which has a good effect of keeping warm and windproof. However, we should pay attention to choosing soft denim fabric, which is not suitable for being too hard and heavy.


cotton thermal underwear can be mainly cotton thermal underwear, which can be matched with the same thermal pants. Cotton clothes have a soft touch, which is not only comfortable, but also has a good thermal effect.


scarves after frost, the climate is getting colder and colder, so it is very necessary to keep warm, especially for the head exposed directly outside, which needs a soft and beautiful scarf.

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