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Women's health at the beginning of winter eat these to replenish blood and Qi

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women are not rosy enough in winter, their hands and feet are cold, and they are not warm when covered with thick quilts at night. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is a symptom caused by insufficient Qi and blood. After the beginning of winter, women with insufficient Qi and blood can appropriately eat more food to replenish blood and Qi, so let the old yellow calendar recommend it for you.


red jujube is a kind of food rich in vitamins. It can be cooked in soup after drying. It can be eaten as fruit and snacks on weekdays, and can also maintain health. Rich in fructose and various amino acids, it can regulate human metabolism, promote the rapid generation of new cells in the body and enhance hematopoietic function.


sugarcane eating sugarcane in winter can help regulate qi and blood, because sugarcane contains a lot of trace elements such as iron, calcium and zinc, and the content of iron is especially high, with 9 mg of iron per kilogram, ranking first among fruits. Therefore, sugarcane is also known as "blood tonifying fruit". It should be noted that pregnant women should not often eat sugarcane. Because sugar cane contains a lot of sugar, the more sugar you eat, the higher your blood sugar. Of course, you should be alert when you are pregnant, and be careful of gestational diabetes.


grapes can replenish qi and blood and strengthen muscles and bones. Grape has been regarded as a good tonic in traditional Chinese medicine for generations. Grapes not only contain a lot of glucose, which has a nutritional effect on myocardium, but also rich in trace elements, vitamins and amino acids, which can well improve the phenomenon of anemia and overwork.


cherries have the function of tonifying blood. People with anemia, lack of Qi and blood and low hemoglobin can be conditioned by eating cherries. But cherry itself has the effect of warming and tonifying. Eating more will cause dryness and heat. Therefore, people who have a sore throat or are on fire should eat less.

mulberry can not only replenish blood and beauty, but also prolong life and relieve eye fatigue. Moreover, eating more mulberry can treat the weakness of the waist and knees. Eating it with black sesame can treat the symptoms of hair and hair. Mulberry, raw land, cooked land and job's tears can be used to cook porridge, which can tonify the kidney, strengthen the spleen and black hair.

Huaishan Huaishan is a famous Qi tonifying food. It can not only tonify the kidney and spleen, but also has a better effect of nourishing beauty and Qi. There are many ways to eat in Huaishan. Whether it is boiling soup or sugar water, it can play a certain beauty effect.

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