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Couplet of solar terms and culture on light snow

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before and after November 22 every year, people will usher in the 20th solar term of the year - light snow. At this time, the weather is cold, and most of the northern areas have snowed, but the amount of snow is not large, so it is called "light snow". Then today's old yellow calendar will sort out some couplets about Xiaoxue and the interesting things behind these couplets.


common couplets embedded with the word "Xiaoxue" include:

chrysanthemum puts Ling Xiaoxue; Wild geese return to mudanxia.


admire the beauty of the small garden; Clear clouds and clear snow.


Deng Yinjie was a private school teacher selected by Zeng Guofan, "excellent in character and learning, diligent and strict". In the second year of tongzhi (1863), Zeng Guofan took his family to Anqing and Deng Yinjie escorted them all the way. Since then, he ended his seven-year private school career in Zeng's house. On October 13 (November 23, it was light snow), Zeng Guofan inscribed a couplet with Dai tou, a famous scholar of the Jin Dynasty and Hu Yuan Yu Deng Yinjie, a scholar of the Song Dynasty:


the clear wind wants to step on the road; Normal school is slightly similar to Hu Yizhi.

Zhu Ziqing, formerly known as Zihua, with the word Peixian and the number Qiushi. He is a famous poet, scholar and essayist, represented by trace, back, moonlight in the lotus pond, etc. He was born on October 9, the 24th year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (November 22, 1898, it was a light snow day). There is an inscription in the couplet:


are beautiful from the autumn, with good conduct and integrity; Hershey is beautiful, the moonlight is clean, and the mighty spirit sings through the sky.


and "string", wear bowstring, which is often tight, so those with slow sex wear self-warning. "Lotus seedling" means lotus.


are Tai Jingnong, named Bojian and longpo. He is an art historian and calligraphy theorist. He was born on October 24, the 28th year of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (November 23, 1902, it was light snow). An inscription said:

Bo Jian's quiet garden has no desire to worry; Longpo Nong gule is naive.


Yu Hua once studied in Japan. After returning home, he became a professor of Soochow University and President of the Criminal Court of the second branch of Jiangsu high court. Because he tried his best to help the arrested revolutionaries, he was assassinated by Japanese and puppet spies in Shanghai on October 13, 1939.11.23 (it was day Xiaoxue). He was 54 years old. His younger brother Yu Dafu wrote elegiac couplets saying:

the earth is thin and Wang lang. when the festival sees poverty, each has a clear name and hears the sea; Qianchong helps to keep healthy, and he hurts the rainy night, so that he can claim Liaodong with blood debt.


once had a meteorological knowledge union, which was composed of four solar terms and two festival names, in which "light snow" was mentioned. Semantic puns are interesting to read. The couplet reads:

the weather is very cold, and the frost falls on the thatched shed to know the light snow; At the Dragon Boat Festival in daylight, the Double Ninth Festival is seen at the bottom of the Qingming River.

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