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Precautions for women's winter solstice

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"the northwest wind blows down all kinds of grass, and several times the cold brings up the sun. The day is the shortest, but the golden plum blossoms." from the winter solstice, people have entered nine cold days, and then it will get colder and colder. People think this season is a good time for food and tonic, so let the old yellow calendar introduce to you the precautions for women's health preservation during the winter solstice.


pay attention to body warmth. Women's body is cold, and their hands and feet are often cold and easy to catch a cold. After the winter solstice, women should pay attention to the warmth preservation of important parts such as neck, abdomen and legs, and add clothes in time. They should not ignore the bearing capacity of the body in order to pursue fashion and beauty.


soak your feet every day to keep out the cold. Soaking your feet in winter can help women prevent cold and keep warm. After the winter solstice, soak your feet in hot water of about 40 degrees every day for about 20 minutes before going to bed, which can not only relieve low back pain, but also promote sleep. The effect will be better if you soak the foot water at least below the foot surface and even the lower leg.


ensure adequate sleep. In winter, we should go to bed early and get up late to ensure adequate sleep, which is conducive to the accumulation of Yang Qi and Yin essence. After the winter solstice, the days get longer and longer. However, the climate has entered the coldest period, and the activities should tend to stop to prepare for the vigorous development of spring.


pay attention to "three more and three less" in the tonic. In the winter solstice, the diet pays attention to "three more and three less", that is, more protein, vitamins and cellulose; Less sugar, fat and salt. In winter solstice, the diet should be light and diverse, with reasonable collocation, and warm and cooked drinks. In winter, Yang Qi declines day by day, and the spleen likes temperature and hates cold. Therefore, it is appropriate to eat warm and hot products to protect the spleen and kidney. When eating, you should eat less and more, so as to ensure the required nutrition and not hurt the spleen and stomach. The choice of


ingredients should be warm food. You can eat more beef and mutton appropriately. When cooking, put some spices such as pepper and dried ginger. Eat less or even stay away from cold food. Seafood, fungi, leeks and pumpkins are warm. You can also eat more jujubes and oranges in the current season. While


tonic, greasy and thick tonic items should not be excessive, so as not to hurt the spleen and stomach, but the effect is poor. You can eat more jujube yam porridge, five color porridge and other porridge products. Beiqi dangshen stewed mutton, radish ribs soup and other soup meals can also warm blood gas, enhance physique and resistance.

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