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Xiaoxue health care prevents cold and damp outside and hot and dry inside

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"the first snow of Taihang brings cold wind and withers all the way to central Jiangxi. Chrysanthemums wither and plum trees move in the East fence, so we know that the earth turns sunny." after the arrival of the light snow solar term, cold waves and strong cold air attack frequently, with more snow in the north and more rain in the south. In this wet and cold weather, people should keep away from cold and humidity, and on the one hand, they should continue to resist the dryness of autumn and winter, Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you.


light snow weather has changed from cold to cold, and the precipitation form in the North has changed from rain to snow. Although it is "not very cold" in the south at this time, there is basically no snow, but due to the interweaving of rain and cold, the wet and cold weather is also beginning to increase. Health experts remind that the health preservation of light snow solar term should prevent damp and cold outside and dry and hot inside.


external moisture and cold prevention: prevent frostbite. Before and after wearing thin gloves and light snow, light rain began to fall in many places. Although it was not snow, it was uncomfortable because the climate gradually changed from cold to cold. People should start to prevent common frostbite symptoms at this time.


traditional Chinese medicine believe that chilblain occurs due to the lack of Yang and the evil of external cold and dampness, which makes the operation of Qi and blood not smooth and blood stasis blocked. Because the wet and cold weather will also accelerate the heat dissipation on the body surface, areas with high humidity before and after light snow often become the focus of "care" for patients with frostbite, such as autonomic nerve dysfunction, limb poor blood circulation, hyperhidrosis of hands and feet, lack of exercise, malnutrition, anemia and some chronic diseases.

prevent frostbite before and after light snow, pay attention to exercise and improve the adaptability of the body to the cold. Pay attention to the whole body and local warmth. First wear thin gloves, and shoes and socks should be warm and loose. At ordinary times, you should often massage your hands, feet and auricles to promote hand and foot blood circulation. Patients with chilblain who are easy to relapse every year can try dietotherapy and external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine under the guidance of dermatologists.


prevent dryness and heat inside: eating raw radish and ripe pear in light snow season is the forefront of alternating autumn and winter. According to the traditional health preservation concept, eat more warm food. However, with the wide use of heating facilities such as heating and air conditioning, people generally live, study or work indoors with high room temperature, and wear more and move less. The hot and dry indoor environment is easy to cause heat accumulation in the body.


traditional Chinese medicine doctors remind that if you eat high calorie, high fat and greasy food at this time, it is easy to cause lung fire, stomach fire and other "internal fire" of the human body. If these "fire" in the body is not removed in time, it will also affect anorectal health and induce heat knot, constipation and other diseases.


experts suggest that we are used to eating carrots cooked and pears raw at ordinary times. After the light snow solar term, we might as well try eating carrots cooked and pears raw. Pear has the functions of moistening lung, clearing heat, nourishing yin and generating fluid. For patients with dry and hot cough, eating ripe pears can increase the effect of relieving cough. Here is a simple diet prescription for your reference:

1 large pear and 60g honey. Dig a hole in the pear, remove the core, load it with honey, put it in a large bowl, steam it in water and eat it. Take it 1 ~ 2 times a day.

everyone usually eats white radishes cooked. Eating raw radish can clear away heat, generate saliva, cool blood, stop bleeding, reduce phlegm and cough; While cooking is beneficial to the spleen and stomach and dissipates Qi. Therefore, from the perspective of clearing heat and generating saliva, eating raw is better.

but it should be noted that those with deficiency of spleen and stomach should not eat radish raw. It is best to eat it after cooking to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

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