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Winter solstice tonic, do not blindly eat dog meat, mutton and chicken soup

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winter solstice is the peak season for tonic and health preservation in China's folk winter. The tonic ingredients often used by people are chicken soup, mutton and dog meat. However, according to the introduction of nutrition experts, these foods are often regarded as tonic foods, which can not be eaten blindly. Let the old yellow calendar introduce one or two to you.


should not blindly eat dog and mutton. Nutrition experts point out that although eating dog and mutton in the winter solstice has nourishing effect, it may have adverse effects if you don't pay attention to the collocation with other foods. When eating dog and mutton, people need to pay attention to the following matters:

it is not suitable to drink tea after eating dog and mutton hotpot. If you drink tea immediately after eating dog meat, it will combine the tannic acid in tea with the protein in dog meat to form a substance called tannic acid protein. This substance has a certain astringent effect, which can weaken intestinal peristalsis and induce constipation. So, just after eating dog meat, please don't rush to drink tea, especially strong tea; When you feel dry, you should quench your thirst with boiled water; After eating dog meat, you should wait two hours before drinking tea.

dog and mutton should not be eaten with vinegar, because sour vinegar has the effect of convergence, which is not conducive to the growth of Yang in the body. Eating with dog and mutton will greatly reduce the effect of warming and tonifying. In addition, dogs and sheep should not eat with pumpkins. Because pumpkin belongs to warm food, if the two are eaten together, it is very easy to "get angry". In the same way, when cooking mutton, you should also put less spicy and hot condiments such as pepper, pepper, ginger, clove and fennel.


chicken soup should not be drunk blindly. Many people think that chicken soup is a great tonic. But nutrition experts point out that not everyone can drink chicken soup. Most of the chicken oil in chicken soup belongs to saturated fatty acids. Because of the unique nutritional composition and stimulating effect of chicken soup, the following patients should not drink chicken soup:

patients with biliary tract diseases, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis. Patients with biliary tract diseases, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis are often issued. The author should not drink more chicken soup. Because the digestion of fat in chicken soup needs the participation of bile, drinking chicken soup will stimulate the contraction of gallbladder, which is easy to cause the attack of cholecystitis.

those with too much stomach acid should not drink chicken soup. Because chicken soup can stimulate gastric acid secretion, patients with gastric ulcer, excessive gastric acid or gastric bleeding should not drink chicken soup.

those with renal insufficiency should not drink chicken soup. Because chicken soup contains some small molecular proteins, patients with acute nephritis, acute and chronic renal insufficiency or uremia can cause azotemia and aggravate their condition because their liver and kidney can not deal with protein decomposition products in time.

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