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Frost Health recipe Tremella Sydney porridge for moistening lung and spleen

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frost season is in late autumn. Originally, the autumn is dry, and at this time, the dryness evil is strong, so we have to prevent it; In addition, in late autumn, Yang disappears and Yin grows, and the cold is very heavy. The spleen and stomach are most afraid of being cold. Therefore, people can not forget to maintain the spleen and stomach while moistening the lungs. Then let the old yellow calendar bring you a frost drop health preserving recipe that can moisten your lungs and strengthen your spleen - Tremella Sydney porridge.


tremella and Sydney porridge ingredients: dry tremella, Sydney, glutinous rice, medlar and rock sugar. Methods: 1. Wash the glutinous rice and soak it for about 10 minutes. 2. Dry Tremella should be soaked in warm water and then torn small. 3. Peel and core Sydney, wash and cut into blocks. 4. Put the above prepared materials into the stew, add an appropriate amount of water and start cooking porridge for about an hour. 5. After an hour, open the lid of the pot, put in the washed medlar and cook for about five minutes. 6. Add rock sugar and cook. Tips: 1. Tremella should be soaked in warm water for about 30 minutes. 2. If you don't like sweet food, you can also avoid rock sugar. Health Preserving Effects of


: 1. Sydney can remove fat and reduce blood pressure, reduce phlegm and cough, and has the effect of defecation. 2. 2. Yam is a dual-purpose medicine and food that can calm the spleen and stomach. No matter spleen yang deficiency or stomach yin deficiency, it can be eaten. Clinically, it is often used with gastrointestinal drink to Treat Spleen and stomach weakness, less food, body fatigue, diarrhea and other diseases. 3. Tremella Sydney porridge has the effect of moistening the lung and relieving dryness, nourishing the heart, calming the mind and strengthening the spleen. It is very suitable for eating in autumn and winter. Its preparation method is simple and worth trying.

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