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Frost Health recipe peanut lotus root duck soup for nourishing yin and clearing heat

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peanut, lotus root and duck are very common in people's daily diet. They also have their own health preservation effects. If these three ingredients are made into soup together, it is more nutritious. Let the old yellow calendar introduce you a frost lowering health preservation recipe of nourishing yin and clearing heat - peanut, lotus root and duck soup.


peanut lotus root duck soup ingredients: peanut, lotus root, river duck, appropriate amount of salt and ginger. Method: 1. Wash the duck and cut the ginger into slices. 2. Blanch the duck first. 3. Wash the lotus root and cut it into blocks. 4. Put all the washed ingredients into the pot and start stewing. 5. Boil it with martial fire first. 6. After boiling, turn to simmer for about two hours. 7. After two hours, open the lid of the pot and add an appropriate amount of salt to taste. 8. Take out the pot. Health Preserving Effects of


: 1. Lotus root is cold, sweet and liquid. It has the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood. It is dry in autumn. Eating more lotus root can nourish yin, clear heat, moisten dryness and quench thirst. 2. Peanut is sweet in taste and flat in nature; Returning the spleen and lung meridians can strengthen the spleen, nourish the stomach, moisten the lung and dissipate phlegm. Nourishing blood and Qi, moistening lung and relieving cough, strengthening brain and intelligence, delaying aging, and even preventing colon cancer. 3. River duck is rich in nutrition and is a good tonic. It lives in water all year round and has a cool sex. It has the effects of nourishing the Yang of the five zang organs, clearing the heat of asthenia and labor, tonifying blood and water, nourishing the stomach and generating fluid. 4. In frost season, the weather is dry and dry. Health preservation focuses on Nourishing Yin and clearing heat, strengthening spleen and lungs. Peanut lotus root duck soup helps to replenish lung and blood, clear heat and eliminate phlegm, clear heart and calm mind, replenish blood and nourish beauty. People with anemia and insomnia can drink more.

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