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Prevention of diseases starts with prevention of cold in winter

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after the beginning of winter, the temperature continues to drop. It is cold and dry. People will catch a cold if they don't pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation. In the clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine, colds are divided into wind cold, wind heat, heat dampness, epidemic and other types. The so-called epidemic refers to the influenza caused by influenza virus. It spreads quickly, has an acute onset and is seriously ill, especially in winter. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you how to prevent colds in winter.


the humidity is well adjusted, and the cold virus itself is often affected by the environment. In all kinds of environmental factors, in addition to temperature, the most important is the role of humidity. For example, when humidity is above 50%, influenza viruses can quickly die. When the humidity is below 50%, that is, when the air is dry, it can survive for a long time. The indoor air is dry. The virus spread by cold patients can survive for a long time in the air and is easy to infect others.

air circulation. The occurrence of cold is related to poor air circulation. The main route of infection of cold virus is droplet infection. When the indoor air circulation is poor and many people live together, it becomes the most effective place for the virus infected by droplets. Therefore, to prevent colds, we should not only take preventive drugs, but also pay attention to opening windows for ventilation, make the air circulate, and stay less in public places.

temperature is often adjusted, and the sudden change of temperature is also an important reason for colds. In cold winter, some people use stoves, electric heaters and air conditioners indoors, which is easy to make the indoor air more dry, reduce the humidity and cause colds. More importantly, it is easy to cause excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. If you suddenly go from a high temperature indoor to a low temperature outdoor, the human body's regulation function can not adapt at once, so you are prone to colds. So when you go out, you should wear more clothes and pay attention to keeping warm and cold proof.


exercise properly on weekdays. In cold winter, people often lack exercise, resulting in the decline of disease resistance, so they are easy to catch a cold, which is the most common among the elderly, children and weak and sick people. Therefore, people can't forget to exercise at the beginning of winter, enhance their physique and do some relaxing exercises.


exercise in the beginning of winter. You can choose more moderate walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, Taijiquan, etc., which can enhance the body's resistance. At the same time, don't forget to drink some water to supplement water after exercise. To develop the habit of washing your face in cold water is conducive to improving the adaptability of the body to temperature changes.


keep cold medicine in stock. In addition, in the season of high incidence of colds, the family should keep some common medicines for the prevention and treatment of colds and supplement vitamin C appropriately, because the vitamins in the body can not be supplemented in time, which will lead to the decline of resistance and easy to catch a cold.

people can also take some proprietary Chinese medicines after consulting doctors. They have the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, dispersing wind and relieving pain, and can prevent and treat fever, migraine, nasal congestion, toothache and other diseases caused by external factors. Especially when the cold starts, take it in time, and the effect is more ideal.


should be taken with reasonable diet and nutrition. Should eat more fruits and vegetables, especially red food, such as carrots, tomatoes, etc., because it is rich in β- Carotene can scavenge oxygen free radicals, enhance the vitality of macrophages and have a good effect on the prevention and treatment of influenza.

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